Induction. Onboarding. Orientation.

There are many names in ‘the biz’ that refers to the socialisation of new starters into an organisation. They are activities that aim to foster a sense of belonging to the workplace.

We have a range of such activities here at the University. Your manager will no doubt have worked with you through an Induction Checklist when you started. Things like this make sure you know crucial pieces of information that will make you perform at your optimum. Information like……knowing where the kettle is so you can make a brew.

On an organisational level, the Staff Learning & Development Team runs a Welcome Event for new starters. One recently took place on the morning of Thursday 8th December.

Welcome Events are largely held every month, with some increased frequency around the start of the academic year. It’s a decent morning where staff can come along and meet others that are in the same position of being new to this large, complex (and somewhat-daunting-to-a-newbie) place.

As well as the opportunity to meet other fresh-faced newcomers, the Welcome Event includes a session where a senior member of staff is invited to talk. This month, Prof Luke Georghiou, Deputy President & Deputy Vice-Chancellor provided a valuable overview of life here at the University and imparted knowledge about us as an organisation.

The information-giving doesn’t stop there. Oh no, dear reader.

Other great nuggets of wisdom are imparted through the morning, not least of which include:

  • our achievements as a prestigious higher education institution
  • how each one of us can make a difference to the world around us,
  • and (perhaps most importantly to some) where we can get discounts on a range of stuff – just by being an employee of this grand place.

What delights!

The Welcome Event aims to be interactive too. Naturally, when starting out our curiosity is in overdrive and we have questions, questions, questions:

What do I do if...?

Where can I get…?


The Welcome Event allows for questions to be asked in a group setting, so other ‘newbies’ can hear answers to the questions that are posed. The event even aims do this in a way that means people don’t need to ask the questions themselves – reducing any potential embarrassment that might be felt by raising a hand to ask.

I know what you’re thinking: “How do they do that?” Well, if you’re new to the University, have a look on the Training Catalogue and book yourself on.

Look for the Quick Links on the Staff Learning and Development page, or go straight to the Staff L&D New Starter Support page, and your socialisation can start.

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