Site Communicator Create, Share and Update Digital Map about your Construction Project for All Audiences

Communicating Construction Project development is done poorly in most cases

Two (sub optimal) common tools are used:

  • Sentences describing locations: "The road on the North-East side of the place X will be blocked for two weeks. Use the Street Z instead"
  • Static PDF-documents
Don't do this. It's just wrong and not user friendly to decribe location related things using only plain text. The cluttered static map image doesn't help a lot either. Always use interactive web map when available.

Static PDF Documents with Maps are hard to keep up to date, and lack the key ability of zoom, search and locate-the-user. Sentences describing locations demand the user to create mental image of the map in their own head when everything could be presented on a simple interactive web map.

Site Communicator let's you to Create Digital Map about the Construction Project for Sharing in Web and Social Media

With Site Communicator you are able to create and update your own custom interactive Web Map that can be embedded to website and shared on social media.

What if you could save time and be more user friendly and precise when communicating about the project? With Site Communicator you can:

  • You can draw on the map the information about routes, places and areas that provide information about the current situation of the Construction Site
  • The Basemap will be always accurate because a Drone Service takes aerial images of the site every week
  • The Map can be embedded on your website
  • The embed code can be sent to Media so that they could also embed it to their website
  • The Map can be included in Social Media Posts so that users on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can receive the information easily
  • The information drawn on the Map is stored in one and only one place, so that when you need to make changes they are automatically seen in everywhere where the Map is embedded or shared
  • The Map has also the "Only For Internal Use" version for Internal Site Communication
Editing the Map is easy. Site Communicator supports your custom visualization needs.


Draw, Share and Update the interactive map about your Construction Project

Pricing for Site Communicator starts from: 580€ / Month / Construction Site

Drone Service for Aerial Images is available through Pointscene Drone Network: 880€ / month (The price is Example price from Finland where Aerial Imagery is updated once in Month)

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