The benefits of extracurricular activities are endless. By: alfredo Sanchez

Obliviousness of today's kids, not engaging in extracurricular activities.

Too much money? Stress? Not enough time? In exchange for understanding time management, understanding priorities, engaging in long term commitments and great substance for college applications.

We decided to interview an expert in the Escola Americana of Rio de Janeiro’s counselor, Marcia Orenstein. When asked, what are the benefits of teenagers doing extracurricular activities she answered, “When students engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, meditation, yoga, they are preparing the mind and body to face the challenges of school life. Amount of work makes the brain get tired, these activities help activate the brain again. It also helps to release hormones such as adrenaline and oxytocin (Hormone of pleasure) Activates with meditation, yoga. Extracurricular activities help relieve stress”

Gabriel Melo is a 14 year old 8th grade student attending Santo Agostino, a Brazilian school in Rio de Janeiro. Gabriel’s parents do not allow him to be a part of extracurricular activities, because they want him to purely focus on school. When interviewed and questions about how this could benefit him, “It doesn't benefit me in any way. As an alternative of me joining activities such as a soccer team or jiu jitsu, I spend my time watching videos and playing video games. During the week I am never looking forward to anything. So I always feel down and not content with my life. I go to bed late and have an inactive lifestyle. I envy my friends who are part of extracurricular activities because they live more. They’re always more active.” Later, we asked if not being a part of any extracurricular activities has helped him to become a top student in his grade. “Surprisingly, I am still an average student. However, what I have always noticed is that most of the top students are always a part of an extracurricular activity.”

Interview with Alfredo Sanchez Sr, a successful person who is an engineer graduate from Simon Bolivar University. Currently working in Schlumberger, with 15 years of experience at Schlumberger.

Teenagers today are not relishing the positive influence of extracurricular activities. Certain individuals are being convinced that they shouldn’t do extracurricular activities for the need of wanting to focus on school, not spending money and adding on unneeded stress. However, with any benefit a price is needed.

For the greater benefit a price is needed. Which makes us understand that, engaging in extracurricular activities will have it’s sacrifice throughout it’s process, however it’s greater benefit will showcase that the sacrifice was worth it. Meaning, that you will sacrifice, spending too much money, adding on stress and less free time. However, the greater benefit will consist from the understandings of both time management and priorities to learning to engage in long term commitments to quality substance for college applications.

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