Mary´s Goals Project English p-1

Semester Goal

  • In this semester I will turn in all my work on time. I will also get a B or higher on all my tests and quizzes. By achieving those goals I will end the semester with straight A´s.

English Goal

  • In English I will not be late to class unless I am excused. I will also end the semester with a 95% or higher.

High school Goal

Throughout high school I will be on the cheer team.

I also might join the track and field team.

I will also graduate with an advanced diploma.

After high school Goal

  • After high school I will get a scholarship offer from a university. I will go to college and study finances.

Personal Growth

  • I will own a house and have a great job that I enjoy very much.

I will start my own family.

I will graduate both high school and college.

I will own my own house and have a great job that I will enjoy very much.


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