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What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Becoming curious about Jesus can be part of one of the most important journeys you embark on. This journey will take you down a path of discovering how Jesus fits into your story, how you fit into his, and the incredible life he invites us to when you choose to follow him.

We want to partner with you on this journey of discovering who Jesus is. Here you will find several resources to help you learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Questions of Faith

Whether you are just beginning to find out more about Jesus or you've been following him for a long time, questions about faith are common. God welcomes your questions and gives you many answers in the collection of books and letters that make up the Bible.

Going Forward

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a Christian is the community we become part of. Constance is a body of believers who are all on the journey to becoming more like Jesus. We are all at different places on that journey and our needs are also different. No matter where we’re at, there are ways to learn and grow.

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