Adobe Licensing for Enterprise Customers Creative CLOUD and document cloud

In October 2018, Adobe updated its application licensing technology to better support the increased integration of cloud services into our desktop applications. With this update, versions of Creative Cloud and Document Cloud released as part of our application licensing technology update are only available if deployed via named user licensing.

On November 30, 2019, many customers will also be affected by expiring serial numbers for Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. To avoid interruption and to access the latest versions of the apps, customers must migrate to named user licensing.


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If the customer cannot transition to named user licensing, they must discuss with their sales team. If they were issued a serial number that expires after November 30, 2019, they can re-serialize to that serial number if they recently renewed. Customers have 12 months from renewal to migrate to named user licensing. Customers will be notified if they have an expiring 2019 serial number and can also check themselves (see below for the link to the tool).

Downsides of deploying via Serial Number Licensing:

1. Customers cannot access the latest versions of the apps once the application licensing technology is updated.

2. Customers cannot access cloud-first apps such as Adobe XD and Dimension.

3. Customer cannot access services and storage, with no way to share and collaborate.

4. Serial Numbers expire, and cannot be extended.

5. Serial Numbers are risky because are often stolen and pirated, impacting the organization in terms of true-up costs and compliance.

6. Customers have no insight or central way to manage Adobe entitlements and assigned seats.

Checking for Expiring Serial License Numbers

Use the Expiry Check tool to check when your serial license numbers expire. Go here: https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/kb/volume-license-expiration-check.html


  1. Create the new license files with the Creative Cloud Packager.
  2. Run the executable file named 'RemoveVolumeSerial'.
  3. Run the second executable file named 'AdobeSerialization' to re-serialize the machine.

Click here for more information on generating and applying a new serial license package.


Refer to the helpful links below for information and direction on re-serialization and named user licensing. If you require additional assistance, please contact Adobe Enterprise Customer Support at ecs@adobe.com or 800-685-2950.

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