Invading: Roman style Claudius

Who wants more crops,more silver and gold?

Dear citizens,

Let’s all join together to gain all these things and more.

We shall strike like a venomous cobra

The Attack

We shall take only the best and strongest of soldiers: the ones who were born to fight.

We are ready for anything that comes our way.

Delighted at the idea, the Roman army jumped for joy and pledged to keep the empire safe.

We shall make a tactical plan to ensure we win with minimal casualties.

We will take the stealthiest route to the enemy’s island.

Imagine this money in your hands

The money

The Britons have all the money and we will take it.

With our empire expanding, we must think about the future of Rome.

If we invade, living conditions will improve.

We will have more food


If we can complete this plan we can use there farmers as are own.

They have better crop growing conditions and a mixture of rain and sun perfect for good perfect for crops that grow in fertile land

They also have a range of animals that we shall breed then kill them for fresh meat .

We will pounce like leopards

The Tacticts

We will send a spy in to take note of there defences see there army and what sort of soldiers they have.By this we will find the weak spot and dock are boats there and then we attack.

We will send people to flank are enemy people from the side and coming in from the back someone in discise.

The rest of us go from the front and distract there army


Created with images by pirkerchri - "monument stone sculpture" • Peka - "snake cobra dangerous reptile animal nature gift" • timcgundert - "gold coin museum treasure thaler gold coin" • moshehar - "wheat bread cereal" • Freizeitheld - "leopard animal predator panthera pardus big cat"

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