Sacred Sexuality Day / Maya Vassallo Di Florio / 4 September / 19:00 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

Maya Vassallo Di Florio is the founder of the Goddess Temple Rome, an association /community created to share culture, give a new social paradigm and create new and more balanced models of existence after more than 2000 years since the destruction of all the temples dedicated to female deities by patriarchy. As a Priestess, she was trained at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the world's first modern Goddess Temple.

She deals with education and training as a teacher in specific paths dedicated to those who feel the urgent need to recover the matricentric values of care, partnership between women and men, and attention to people's needs.

Aphroditic Touch of the Rose

In this workshop Maya Vassallo Di Florio will guide you through a sensuous, ecstatic and delicious ancient practice, which is also a journey, into the Alchemy of the Rose and the Magic of Loving Touch.

The Rose is the flower with higher vibrations and, at the same time, it is incredibly grounding.

Used in the art of perfumery, in herbal medicine, in cosmetics and in kitchen magic, this flower has lots of magical and therapeutic qualities and can unravel the deepest Mysteries of Sacred Sexuality, and the more we are willing to go deep within our bodies, senses and emotions, the more it will transform our lives.

Sacred to Aphrodite, the Rose Alchemy, combined with the Art of Visualisation, the Perfume and Aromatherapy and with the Tantric Touch will allow us to have a concentrated andintense taste of what it means to walk Aphrodite Mystery Path as Maya teaches it within the Priest-ess Training and all the other online trainings she offers.

Are you ready to dive deep into Aphrodite’s Sea of Pleasure?

What You’ll need:

• a red Rose, possibly scented

• Rose essential oil (or, if you haven’t, your favourite perfume)

• your journal and a pen

• coloured pencils or markers


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