La Historia de España Grace Dohl, 8hearts

Spain fue known as the "antiguo Pit detener"

The first three sociedads that invadieron Spain were the Celtas, Iberos, then formed together as the Celtiberos

In Spain, there fue always guerra and conflicto....... the next three groups that invaded were the Romans, Germanic Visigoths, and the Moors.

La Reconquista

- was a fight between the Christian and Muslim

Toledo: City of Tolerance of the influences of three religiones

El Cid: a héroe of la reconquista

In 1492, the Moors dividido themselves into many small Reinos

Reyes Catolicos

- the queen fue very powerful

- she fue to battle with her troaps

The Spanish Inquisition

- all Muslims must convirtio to Christianity or forced to leave

Spanish Gold diggers consiguieron money and power to get what they wanted

Princess Juana

- daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella and caso to felipe

- known as la loca

Carlos 1 comio to power, but changes his name to Charles the V

- spain crecio under his relga

La Leyenda Negra

- the black legend

- people do not want to comio to Spain

El Greco

- a painter from Greece that was rechazo by Felipe II

Felipe II

- wants an international catholic alianza...fails

Felipe II son---Felipe III murio

- Felipe VI comio to power---the edad de oro

Siglo de Oro

- literature, drama, art causaron a good time period for spain

End of the Habsburgs

- Felipe IV son-- Carlos II murio leaving NO heir


- spain perdio Gibraltar

The bourbons

- more preocuparon with life at court

Carlos IV comio to power (son of carlos III)


- ends in a constitution of 1812 establecio a parliamentary

Fernando VII

- totalitarian

More Bourbon Trouble

- the country was dividio on whether a woman should rule

Spanish Republic lasted for a year

Bourbons regresaron to the throne

Alfonso the thirteenth

- elections are agarro to determine gobierno

Republic again in 1931

A new government causa even more of a divide

Civil War---lasts 3 years

Franciso Franco

- tomo away women rights

One more time

- ETA assassinates Franco's chosen successor

Juan Carlos declaro democracy in Spain


- first election in Spain


- Islamic fundamentalist terrorist attack

A new direction

- spanish troops are removed from war in Iraq

La Familia real

- parliamentary monarchy


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