Qin Dynasty PERSIA

Politics- During this dynasty, Emperor ShiHuang demanded that all cart axles be the same length. Before this was taken notice for, all cart axles were different size and length. The demand of this improved the ability to travel aided commerce. The Qin Dynasty was also the first unified, multi-national and power centralized state in Chinese history.

Economics- The copper coin was made which advanced commerce and standardized currency. Another thing that happened was all weights and measurements were standardized which lead to a better unification of China.

Religion- It was during this time period/dynasty when legalism was standardized and was being used all throughout China.

SOCIAL- China's road system was expanded which brought better with trade and transportation for more countries and cities to be more social with each other. Emperor Shi Huang also made one unified language so there would be better communication throughout the country.

Intellectual- The language of Chinese was standardized and this language unifies China as one and is still being taught today for international trade and business and is one of the most useful languages today. The construction of the Zhengguo Canal which for the purpose of irrigation farming.

Art/Architecture- The building of the Great Wall of China helped keep them safe for a long period of time and is still one of the most famous monuments in the world today. It has no value of protection and safety because China is not at war or fighting with anyone but is very handy. The terracota soldiers were also built at this time. They were made for Shi Huang's tomb to protect his tomb. These help us learn about what they soldiers wore, and the battlefield alignment . They gave us very helpful information.

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