Good Life: Art Museum Tour of the Harn

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: I have always enjoyed looking at pictures of cities on the internet, but seeing the actual print and enlarged makes looking at those tall buildings more fascinating. It feels more realistic, as if I'm there. These two photos were taken by Marvin E. Newman and although his photos are black and white, they still have this powerful way of showing how beautiful a city can be. I really enjoyed looking at the his photos, especially since it's taken from an aerial view. (Picture taken by Rachel Lotze)
Design of the Museum: While in the Harn museum, this room/area gave me a sense of awe and comfort. The lighting was just right, the room was open yet cozy, and the bench in the center was perfect to sit and gaze at the artwork on display. The design of this specific area also helped compliment the artwork that it was showcasing. The orange walls and and the dark trimming along with the dark bench blended--but did not cover--the older Italian etchings. (Photos taken by Rachel Lotze)
Art and Core Values: In the displayed photo taken by Sebastiao Salgado, reminded me to be thankful for all the things I have. In his picture are two indigenous people with their arms spread out to pray and thank their gods for a good harvest (Harn Museum info plaque) and although I do not believe in the same god as they do, I do believe in being thankful for the big things and little things in life. This picture made me happy when I saw it because not only are these people thankful, they're with each other, sharing the thankfulness and happiness. (Picture taken by Rachel Lotze)
Art and the Good Life: In Rafael Tufino's drawing, there are people gathered together singing and enjoying each other's company. This art reminded me of two of the Good Life themes, Sharing and Celebrating. The drawing brings to us how people together, sharing their happiness and celebrating with each other can contribute to our good lives. Tufino's work inspired me to spend more time with the people I love and reminded me that celebrating the things in life will help me attain a better life. (Picture taken by Rachel Lotze)
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Rachel Lotze

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