Pizza By Abdullah, Jad, and Miguel

How much is the base dominoes pizza?

Small: $8.99 - Medium: $10.99 - Large $12.99

How did we determine this?

To determine cost per size, we compared two pizzas that had the same size, but a separate amount of toppings. For example, we would compare a medium with 2 toppings versus a medium with 4, and find the difference between them. When the difference was 2.98, we knew that it was 2 toppings that added up to this difference. Therefore, we would divide 2.98 by 2, reaching 1.49 per topping. From there, we would subtract 1.49 times the amount of toppings - in this case two or four depending on which pizza - from the price, and what we were left with would be the base price. The same process can be completed for large or small pizzas.


Small: $1 - Medium: $1.49- Large: $1.69

How did we determine this?

This was part of the process in determining the base price; we would simply find the difference between two equally sized, but varied in terms of topping amount pizzas, and then divide that number by the amount of toppings that created that difference.

Why are the topping prices more expensive the larger the size gets?

This is due to the fact that the larger the surface area of the pizza, the amount toppings pieces needed to cover the entire area is increased. This means that the raw amount of topping used is larger, and therefore a single topping becomes more expensive.

HOW MUCH WILL YOU SPEND - on total - per topping?

Small: 8.99 + 1x - Meduim: 10.99 + 1.49x - Large: 12.99 + 1.69x

How did we determine this?

As we had already found base prices and topping prices, all we had to do was create the equation. To create the equation, we added the price of toppings with the price of the base pizza, with the variable being the amount of toppings.


No. This is because the toppings are a separate variable to the price, and are not expensive or large enough to double the price when increased.


Key: Bottom; Toppings - Left; Price - Green; Small - Blue; Meduim - Red; Large.

The real pricing graph:

What do we observe?

The main observable trait of the graphs is how after 4 toppings, for all pizza sizes, the price stays stagnant. This suggests that the value of the pizza stays the same, which is achievable by the raw amount of individual toppings - the quantity of pepperonis or bell peppers - lowering. This means that while there may be 10 toppings, each topping is only added in very small numbers to attain the same amount of general topping from amounts 4-10. For example, with 4 toppings, there may be 8 pepperonis, but with 10, there may only be 2.


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