How to use the SuppoRTT Teamworking Paediatrics App VR Interactive 360 Video App

In this interactive 360 video VR app you take on the role of a registrar a couple of weeks after returning to work, managing a night shift with team members you’ve not worked with before. You’ll make decisions and, in some places, speak out what you would say before seeing an example.

This app can be accessed via this link (https://bit.ly/3e9RPy5) in a browser on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest. In non-VR mode you can interact, move the device around or drag the picture around using your finger or mouse.

When using the app on your phone make sure that it is fully charged, with Brightness turned up to 70% or more, Audio to 50% or more, and both the Auto-lock (Lock Screen) and Orientation lock switched off.

To view the experience on a Google Cardboard headset you select the two eyed cardboard icon, choose the ‘Use Default option and then place the phone in the headset with the middle line on the screen lined up with the centre of the viewing area.

You interact with the app by selecting the function icons. With a VR headset you select a function by moving your gaze so that the circle in the centre of your vision is over its icon for a couple of seconds.

Created By
Nick Moseley


Nick Moseley - Moseley Multimedia Ltd