Muhammad Ali Float like a butterfly Sting Like A bee


Used to be known as Cassius Clay, then later being known as Muhammad Ali when joined the nation of Islam in March 6, 1964. He was the one of wouldn't shut up and always say that he was the greatest. At the age of twelve he would wake at 4:00 am and train for his legendary boxing career. At April 28, 1967 he was banned from boxing cause he refused to go to the Vietnam war. He came back at the peak of his career winning then losing ONCE and then getting revenge. He made a strategy. He later retired and got Parkinson's disease and later died in June 3, 2016.

The Early Years Of Cassius Clay

On January 17, 1942 a boxer named Cassius Clay was born in Louisville Kentucky. (He later became known as Muhammad Ali when he joined the religion of Islam on March 6, 1964.) He was born in a loving family with his mom, dad, and brother. Clay's mom usually just stayed home with clay but sometimes she would go out to rich white peoples houses and clean their house a bit. Then Clay's life started to change. On a day of October in 1954 Clay and his friend were messing around when they decided to check out this Louisville Home Show an annual fair held for black businesses. Clay went their with his new bike that his dad gave him for his birthday, so they went and parked their bikes outside and went filling themselves with popcorn and hot dogs then when they went back to get their bikes and go back home his bike wasn't their. He was ABOUT to cry when he heard that their was a police officer down at the basement, he was training people how to box so Clay went up to the officer and told him that someone stole his bike then he said that he was gonna whup whoever stole the bike. Well, the officer said " Well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people that you're gonna whup." That instantly motivated Clay to boxing and carried that on all the way to when he was older. He trained super hard for boxing super hard having a super energized breakfast of two raw eggs into a glass of milk and didn't use the bus to go to school instead he ran twenty blocks to get their. Later this influenced Clay's/ Muhammad Ali's legendary Boxing Career.

Main Accomplishments

One of Cassius Clay's main accomplishments was his boxing career which started after six weeks of training in the gym for boxing. He then went against a 89 pound kid named Ronnie O'Keefe. He won in a split decision after the majority of the judges thought of a split decision. Then in High School ( Clay's not that smart except in boxing) Clay and his trainer Joe Martin decided to join amateur tournaments, and you probably guessed it, he won almost all of them. By the age of eighteen Clay's amateur record was a super good 100 wins to 8 loses. And in 1959 and 1960 he won back to back Golden Gloves championships and National Amateur Athletic titles (AAU). Clay also got a gold medal in the Olympic's in 1960 at the age of 18 which is one of his accomplishments. His other accomplishment was his boxing career with a record of 100 wins to five loses. His most famous match was against Joe Fraizer a rematch (cause he lost to him) which he won.

His Goals

Cassius goal was to have a successful boxing career. He also joined the religion of Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali meaning "worthy of praise". He also got asked by the armed forces to fight in the Vietnam War but he said no which meant he wasn't aloud to box for three years. So best goal and only goal was his boxing career.

His Influence

Clay's/ Ali's influence was when his bike got stolen when he went to a Louisville Home Show. He then found a officer who was training young kids to box and Clay joined, working super hard trying to whup who ever stole his bike. That's what made him interested in boxing.


Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer of all tie who can literally motivate anyone who can truly believe in himself. He kept bragging that he was the greatest, but that we can be the greatest of what you're passionate about like Ali in boxing and me just being average. So be the greatest at what you truly are.


Muhammad Ali who died in June 3, 2016 cause of a Parkinson's syndrome which likely occured cause of the head trauma in his boxing career. Parkinson syndrome makes you move slower and doesn't make you move a lot. Muhammad Ali couldn't talk while he had this syndrome and sadly he passed away in June 3, 2016. In conclusion, the boxing career of Muhammad Ali was legendary with the rematch of Joe Fraizer and the man who won a gold medal for America joined the reiligon of Islam, refused to fight war in Vietnam, made literature like " Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee", and proved to be the greatest. Muhammad Ali.


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Bio Poem


Brave, Greatest, Athletic

Son of Odessa Clay Father of all hard workers

Who loved bragging, being the greatest, and boxing

Who gladly joined the nation of Islam, surprised he was banned of boxing because he didn't go to war, and who felt like he was the greatest

Who feared of flights, a lose in boxing, and his greatness

Who showed that he was the greatest



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