The Butter Theory the new discovery everyone is dying to know about

You'll Never Believe This

"I should probably make sure I don't drop my bread on the floor -- there would be a great risk of dropping it butter-side down, considering the obvious difference of weight making the butter side land on the floor."

Has that thought ever crossed your mind? If so, it was definitely a valid hypothesis, although our experiment proved otherwise. You're not alone; we couldn't believe it either!

The Astonishing Results

Since we had the same common thought as you did about the bread landing butter-side down, we thought we would conduct an experiment. And so, that's exactly what we did. First we added a single tablespoon of butter to a slice of bread, and dropped it from a specific height. We continued to do this, adding one tablespoon of butter for every run. This lasted until fourteen tablespoons were smeared onto the bread and dropped onto the floor.

Looking back at the data, it was difficult to comprehend the results that were before us. It is understandable if you are surprised by what we are about to tell you, because it shocked us, too! According to our final results, the bread did not land butter-side down for most of the experiment! In fact, It would often land in an odd formation, considered by some of the students to be a "taco-like" shape. This experiment caused us to come to the conclusion that despite the amount of butter on top of the bread, there is no telling which way it will land.

Hear Us Out

On top of you probably finding this just as fascinating as we did, there's a bit of a twist. We need you to know how important this theory is to the future of society! We understand that there is most likely a lot of you who don't even believe us for a moment, but our goal is to convince you otherwise. Although your opposing claim is reasonable, we have clear evidence that supports our facts.

There were around 40 well-educated freshmen observing and analyzing the entire investigation in detail, while recording all of the same data. Every student had the same thought-process when we came to the conclusion that it does not matter how much butter is atop a slice of bread -- there is around a 50% chance that it could land facing up or down. We all agreed that we had to let you know about this immediately despite the difficult task of convincing you.

We truly hope that you can take into consideration how important this theory is for everyone to know, especially you. We are positive that it will benefit our future in endless ways.

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