Re-inventing the surfing life - for GOOD.

The Stringer Society: a core collective of surf-stoked agents of change, bonded together by the belief that surf culture can be re-invented as a powerful force to protect our oceans.

The founders of the original surf clubs at the start of the 20th Century re-invented and resurrected surfing from near extinction, transforming it into a powerful cultural lifestyle force.

Today's mavericks are those who recognize the potential of surf culture to create a new sustainable vision to engage millions to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Photo: The original Hui Nalu Surf Club

Over 100 years later, modern surf culture needs another band of sisters and brothers.

This time, it’s the fate of the oceans and the waves that we surf that hangs in the balance.

The environmental crisis is real. It's a self-made problem. Which means we CAN fix it.

A new crew of activist disrupters and change agents is rising to that challenge.

Re-inventing the surfing life as a sustainable way of life.

Photo: Greg Long, Big Wave World Champion, Environmental Activist, Sustainable Surf Ambassador

Stringer Society members directly support Sustainable Surf to re-invent surf culture and catalyze cultural change.

We effect change through our four core programs:

Deep Blue Life

  • Re-defining the sustainability narrative so that it is positive, inspiring and engaging
  • In 2015 alone our message reached 80 million individuals via social media, TV, online and in print.


  • Leading the surf, SUP, kite and windsurf community to build and ride high-performance ECOBOARDS
  • 120+ brands have produced more than 150,000 boards since 2012, with top pros riding ECOBOARDS and winning

Waste to Waves

  • Re-inventing waste as a resource, through our Waste to Waves program
  • 7 product ‘up-cycling’ partnerships focused on various materials, including styrofoam/EPS, ocean plastic, sails, wetsuits, wine corks and packaging

Deep Blue Events

  • Changing surf contests and cultural events to be more "ocean-friendly" Deep Blue Events
  • We established the first sustainability designation for professional water-sports events. Approximately 40 events since 2011.

Your $2,500 membership donation adds fuel to our fire, and is a direct investment to accelerate the scope and impact of our programs and mission.

Annual membership in the Stringer Society includes the following exclusive gifts:

  • Special member's-only pricing on any Firewire and Slater Designs ECOBOARD surfboards
  • Limited release Stringer Society organic cotton t-shirt and water bottle
  • VIP invites to any Sustainable Surf special events
  • Free Pass to the Traveler Surf Clubhouse facilities - located at Pacifica, CA

And now that you're part of the Stringer Society, consider investing further to fast-track our impact.

We have three levels all named after original sustainable Hawaiian surfcraft:


  • the board that gave birth to the act of “wave sliding”
  • $5k – 10k provides resources for a specific event (i.e. Deep Blue Event activations, conferences, and tradeshows)


  • the shape that sparked the revolution of stand-up surfing
  • $25k – 50k supports a specific project campaign (i.e. creation of recycling center for Waste to Waves Program)


  • the craft reserved for Hawaiian chiefs and royalty
  • $100k – 500k+ will underwrite the foundation & expansion of a flagship program (i.e. the expansion of ECOBOARD Project to other disciplines - kite, snow, skate, etc)

Photo: Alison Teal, Environmental Activist, Sustainable Surf Ambassador

We deliver maximum impact with the resources we’re given. Period.

Jim Moriarty, Former CEO, The Surfrider Foundation, Director of Brand Partnerships, 72 and Sunny

“It’s the right team, at the right time – with the right vision. This organization clearly stands apart in a crowded field of me-too environmental nonprofits looking for support.”

Michael Schwab, Managing Partner, Founder, Big Sky Partners

“My investment in Sustainable Surf has delivered effective, industry-wide engagement in sustainability. This has led to a transformation in sustainable product innovation, that is fast becoming normalized within the surf industry and beyond. It's exciting to see a non-profit operating with the effect and impact of an entrepreneurial start-up.”

Eric Chin, Crosslink Capital

“The capital efficiency that the team at Sustainable Surf has demonstrated since inception puts this organization in a class by itself. Reason enough for any social impact investor to take a serious look at the effect they are having.”

Photo: Zane Schweitzer, 2x Waterman Champ, World SUP Champ, Sustainable Surf Ambassador

Join the surf club that's going to re-invent surf culture for the next 100 years - FOR GOOD.

Photo: Rob Machado, Pro Surfer, Surfboard Shaper, Sustainable Surf Ambassador

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