Leave the Lights on Events Bridal Shower Kela 2013

Event Designing & Planning on a Budget

"We want to paint the picture you always envisioned for your special event."
Kela's Bridal Shower : Roaring Twenties Theme handmade decorations
  • Color Matching
  • Popular Themes
  • Latest Design Trends
  • Help develop overall theme
  • Orchestrate all elements of the events to create beautiful & cohesive presentations
Guest Table: Handmade Cardbox and Book photo frame
L+LOE orchestrates all elements of your events to create beautiful & cohesive presentations!

Event Planning

Here at L+LOE we have a strong team that will coordinate all the planning aspect of your special event making sure that everything goes off without a hitch!

  • Strong administrative skills
  • Flexibility
  • People Skills
  • Organization
  • Passion
  • Time Management
  • Good Communications
  • Creatively solve problems

Food Displays

Cake: Roaring twenties Decorations with pearls, personalize flower and broche.

Cake sheets by: Thelma Macomber

Cake decorator by: L+LOE

Bride to be favorite snacks!

Photo Backdrop made with wax paper and ribbon by: Simply Noble

Use of Color

  • Sheer, white: Wax ... Expense $3
  • Gold: Mirror...$0
  • Gold: Recycled bottles, personalized with brides name and dressed up with pearls...$0
Roaring twenties theme: Personalized, Recycled bottles

Utilize your Team

Roaring twenties theme: tablescapes

Guest were treated to a royal party! Served with champagne as they got their seat by our very own catering team: Macomber 'Ohana

Each place setting had their own personalize party favor handmade cookies! by: Simply Noble 'Ohana


Beautiful photos for this event was captured by: Ewalina Photography

Games and Prizes!

Winners of our game challenges which consisted of know your bride trivia, gift bag bingo, and best style wedding dress made out of tissue paper. Winners received beautiful prize gift bags decorated by: Simply Noble 'Ohana

The Prize bags consisted of chocolates, gift cards, perfumes, and so much more!

Brainstorm Ideas!

We were so excited to finally use these recycled books. Turning them into beautiful photo frames that gives our theme a nice elegant vintage feel.

Cost: 20x Book Photo Frames

  • Spray Paint donated $0
  • Pictures (costco) $3-6
  • Ribbon recyled

Over-all cost for this theme with food and location S1500.

Decor designs 40 Hrs.

Planning 3 weeks - a month


Follow the button below to see our Roaring Twenties theme. by: Tahila Fruean

Leave the LIghts on Events (L+LOE)

Specializing in events decor and planning.

Where everything is an event!


At L+LOE we are a small business which makes for personal hands on experience!

Our Strategy is to help you achieve your dreams on a budget! That makes you look like you spent a fortune!

We have started with serving and helping the local communities in heading their events since 2005.

L+LOE has grown in Webdesign and graphics in the year of 2006. Keeping up to date with the new technologies is key to our market and customers.

2012 is when we really started to make a name for our skills and expertise in bridal showers, baby showers, weddings L+LOE continues to find ways to innovate new designs on a budget.

2016 Continuing to grow and develop our experience amongst our local communities we have also helped develop training programs for our County of Hawaii and HTA.

2017-2018 We would like to focus on developing more of our corporate events that will partner with our mentor ship programs with the state and Lancine and Whitney international, Victoria's mele course and Altar media productions


Photography done by ewalina photograpy

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