The Voice Zone: What You Should Know by Sophie Pike

Surrey Decides is coming to an end, but in the same way you would vote in nationwide political campaigns, it’s important to ensure that your voice is heard in this vote. As with all elections, it’s important that you make an informed decision, so with that in mind, here is some information about the Voice Zone and its candidates.

What is the Voice Zone? It is a section of the Student Union designated to making sure everyone at the university has a say in how things work. From liberation reps to running feedback surveys to improving democracy and diversity, the voice zone has you covered!

This year, there are 8 candidates for the Voice Committee and only 5 spots available, while there are 4 candidates fighting for the paid position of VP Voice.

For the VP Voice candidates, we have Ajay Ajimobi, Ak Gurung, Michael Slavin and Ethan Smith. The common points across all 4 candidates include improving facilities for disabled or disadvantaged students and improving links with the liberation committees to improve diverse representation across the university.

Each of the candidates have their own campaign points however, let’s highlight some of the main points from everyone. Ajay Ajimobi has a unique perspective on education and the course rep system. One of her goals is to implement hand over events for course reps while also standardising the selection process for course representatives. Ak Gurung has a strong promotion for liberation by campaigning to put liberation reps into exec chairs, increasing their voting power and running a yearlong campaign regarding issues facing international students. Michael Slavin proposes to continue campaigns for issues such as mental health and appealing the wage system for university executive boards. Ethan Smith promises to facilitate protests on campus in order to demonstrate democracy and displaying important issues raised before the exec board at the union.

Other key ideas from the manifestos of all candidates in the Voice Zone this year include improving accommodation prices, improving communication across all formats including apps and SurreyLearn systems, and improving diversity among our cohorts.

If any of these issues catch your eye or you feel are important, read our roundup of the Voice Zone Question Time here to read more about how each of the candidates plan to implement their manifestos.


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