About me JESSICA

About myself

My name is Jessica. I am 16, and I go to EHSS. I mostly spend my day at school, but after school I do my hobbies usually with my family. I participate volunteering work at kindergarten that takes care of children, because I have three younger brothers that is why I love being with babies. I speak Korean fluently, so it helped me to easily participate for volunteering work at Korean school.

1 & 2 : Picture of Korean palace and national flag 3 : My hobby which is art&craft 4 : Shows that I like babies

Movies, and Books

My favorite genre of movies and books is action/thriller and fantasy. These days, numerous novels publish their books into a movie. I usually read a series of books first, and watch the movie. It helps me to imagine the look the setting and characters in the book and compare my thoughts with visualized scenes in the movie.

My favorite movie is "Cold eyes" and "Chronicles of Narnia". "Cold eyes" is the thriller movie about the genius police who are trying to arrest the leader of criminals who robbed stock from the bank. "Chronicles of Narnia" is composed of three separate movies. It is the fantasy story about four children who go into the magic closet that is connected to another world.

"The chronicles of Narnia"

My favorite book is "The chronicles of Narnia". It was also made into movies. I first read the series of books first, and watched the movies. Before, Characters and setting were very attractive, and it led me to get interest in fantasy genre. The story is mostly about adventure, but also illustrates about friendship and love for a family.

The main poster of "Chronicles of Narnia"
Eustace, Edmund, Lucy, Prince Caspian
When four children first arrived in Narnia (Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund
Prince Caspian, Edmund, Lucy in "Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian"
When they became kings and queens of Narnia appointed by Aslan (Lucy, Aslan, Peter)
At the battle to defeat Jadis the White Witch (Edmund and Peter)
"Chronicles of Narnia" official trailer

"Cold eyes"

"Cold eyes" is a movie that was made in Korea. It made its North American premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Main poster of "Cold Eyes"
Ha Yoon Joo, newly joins the police division where avoids arresting criminals and focuses exclusively on following them around to gather information.
James, the leader of criminals and his crime group robs a bank. He stands on the rooftop of a nearby building and directs his team's movements. He doesn't tolerate any mistakes.
Leader of police division
James exploded a bomb to draw attention of the police.
Police division members are discussing about James to arrest him.

Official trailer

Also I usually like watching movies from Disney. They are mostly comprised of animations. I think it gives joy and hope for people by touching stories and vivid graphics.

Theses are the posters of my favorite Disney movies

Favorite Hobbies or sports

My favorite hobby is taking pictures and doing craft. I learned how to make jewelry, soap, candle and many other crafts. Also I love baking cookies and macarons, and making chocolates. I like learning new things and giving to other people as a present. These days, I don't have enough time to do my hobbies often, but sometimes I take time to do it, so it helps me to relax mentally and physically.

Soap making
Candles making
Jewelry making
Baking (ex. macaron)
Chocolate making

How to make macarons - video

My favorite sports

I usually like to watch sports through television rather than doing it by myself. Still I do exercise at least once a week after school with my family. Mostly we play soccer, badminton and basketball. During Olympic season, my favorite sports to watch is figure skating. I think it's a sport combined with art, because the player act and express using body languages. It makes me feel relaxed when I see them dancing on the ice. My second favorite sport to watch is Archery. Unlike other sports, it shows the result in only few minutes. It makes me feel thrilled and focus on the players. If I have chance to learn, I would learn Archery.

Images of the figure skaters in the world

Video from official channel of Vancouver Olympic in 2010

A boy is aiming at the target with his toy arrow
This is a professional arrow and bow that archers use

Thank you


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