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I had the pleasure of joining a few of my friends, on a 3 day journey to the Silk Road. Here are a few of those images from Dunhuang and Jiayuguan, China area.

Overhanging Great Wall

Western Badaling

Overhanging Great Wall in Jiayuguan, China.

Friends Knojai and Hajei are beginning the climb up the Overhanging Wall.
China's Overhanging Great Wall also known as the (Western Badaling)

Mount Mingsha Shan

Echoing-Sand Mountain

I can still hear the crunching sound of my orange booties and the whistling of the wind against the sand.

Mount Mingsha Shan

It has been said, to walk up Mount Mingsha Shan takes well over an hour. Because of time constraints, we elected to enjoy it from afar. I found it to be relaxing.

Bright orange booties and scarf like mask are suggested to help keep the sand out.

Many chose to ride camelback to the top of the mountain.

Perhaps I should have done this instead of walking! I did get a great workout though.

Colorful Hills

Our Journey to Danxia Geo Park

One of the most amazing places in China is the Danxia Natl' Geological Park. I had the chance to walk through the Colorful Hills and Icy Hills. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

The Colorful Hills or Rainbow Mountians

Colorful Hills
It really looks like this!
When I saw this, all I could think of was Creamsicle.

Ice Valley

Pointing to the sky

Binggou Scenic Area

Qilian Torch
The Mushroom Stone
The Phantom of the Louve (The Castle)
God Camel

Zhangye Matisi Grottoes

Inspired by Marco Polo in his book, 'Travels to the Orient'.

Heavenly Caves

Mati Grotto Guides

Mati Grotto guides pose for photos before taking visitors on a journey through the heavenly caves. A journey they caution must be completed, due to its spiritual significance.

Mati Grotto guides pose for photos.

Spiritual Flag Display

Entrance to the heavenly caves.

Beautiful Orchid

Orchids in its natural habitat, hidden among tall blades of grass.

Thousand-Buddha Caves

With influences of Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cultures.

Side view of the 33 heavenly caves.

Mati Temple

Inside the Matisi Grottoes you will find the Thousand buddha Cave, Cave of the Goddess of Mercy known as Guanyin and the hoof print inside the Mati Temple. Legends of a chinese pegasus (Bixi) came down from the heavens leaving a hoof print inside the temple.

33 heavenly caves

Painted Stones

Painted stones

My Journey to the Silk Roads of China

"So many amazing stories to discover in China about life, history, spirituality and the subtle influences from other cultures blending together in unusual ways. The Silk Road, a must see attraction."

Nadine O Traveler

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