4A#20 Allen McCoy

A British story to america.

My name is Morten Berchten I was born in France with my mother and sister. As a kid in 1907 I had to go to Ellis Island. I met someone named Henry. So let me tell you about my journey. I was born in 1898 my dad left my mom when I was 5 it was hard without a farther and the kids at school made fun of me because I didn't have a dad. When I went on the boat I ran into someone when I was sneaking to go to first class his name was Henry and he wanted to help me sneak into first class. My mother fell with a man his name was Ranchard Redding to be honest I didn't like him. Later that night Henry his brother and I got some fresh food from first class. The next day I ran into my neighbors Kim ,Ana , and jasmine I also met Jeff bob bob , Anthony and bob. I ran into kids from my school and of coarse they made fun of me but I didn't let them. I beat them up. The next day my dad died. My mom was very sick she died a few days later I had to stay with my old neighbors good thing they had a lot of money. I went to Florida. When I saw the Statue of Liberty it was unbelievable it was so cool. When we got to Florida I got to stay in a mansion for one year I had a fun time at Florida. The next state I went to was Alabama with my best friend henry. I brought a house with Henry because I worked at a restaurant. We brought a German Shepard as a guard dog. The next day my sister died. It was so sad I thought Everyone died because I was different. Jeff and Anthony moved in. I bought a dog for Henry. A month later there was a war that people from France were going to die.

My family was endangered.

I was digenous with a disease.

He helped me live.
This is my home town.
The statue of liberty is a monument 151 feet tall remembers someone and symbols freedom God bless America .
  • I loved the virtual tour
  • I learned a lot about Ellis Island
  • I learned new things about the Statue of liberty

These were my sources... Ellis Island Interactive tour, BrainPopJr Statue of liberty,and google images.


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