Why did dinosaurs die out? By : joann and sinDrela

Why did Dinosaurs die out?

Why did the dinosaurs die out? The K-T event is the name given to the dinosaurs when they died out. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for about 150 million years. The Alvarez hypothesis suggests that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by large meteorite that hit the earth about 65 million years ago. In Italy, between Rome and Florence, scientists found fossils in limestone rocks that date back to when the dinosaurs died out. Some scientists have suggested that such an impact may have put the Earth into a nuclear winter. Between the early to mid-Cretaceous the world climate became warmer by 10°C. Some scientists linked this stage of global warming to a huge asteroid impact. Others linked it to the large number of volcanic eruptions in the area that today is India and Pakistan.


Many theories have been suggested for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Some scientists have suggested a combination of these factors. For many years, paleontologists believed this event was caused by cilimate change and interrupted the dinosaurs food. Some other scientists believed a great plague decimated the dinosaur population and then spread to the animals. Some scientists also think that the reptiles were already suffering from a finicky climate prompted by volcanic eruptions long before the meteorite struck. Many of the other mass extinctions have been found to co-occur with large-scale volcanic eruptions. Changes in climate would have occurred due to the disruption of wind and ocean currents. These marine changes, combined with volcanism and an extraterrestrial impact, may have caused the mass extinctions.


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