The city of Clemson is situated near the western corner of South Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. While also on the shores of Lake Hartwell, Clemson a classic college town and a university community that dates to 1889.

Sports have always been a major part of the social experience at Clemson. Just seven years after the school was founded, it started a football program and the game day experience has dominated the city ever since. The most recent census shows the the town has a population of just about 15,000 not including Clemson University students. The University more than doubles the size of the city when it is in session. When the school hosts a football game, the population grows five times.

Clemson is a city of 7.9 square miles. The area includes Lake Hartwell, which borders the campus to the south. The existence of the lake gives the community a unique opportunity to experience water sports within city limits. Residents who wish to go to the ocean can do so by going to the port city of Charleston, which is just four hours south, or Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head which are just a few miles further to the south.

Clemson truly is in the middle of it all. The weather is consistent and pleasant year round. The average temperature for the 12 months is 72 degrees with an average high temperature of 58 during the winter months. Average snow fall during the year is 1-3 inches.

Lake Hartwell - 32 mile lake

Lake Hartwell

Bordering the west side of campus, Hartwell Lake's 900 mile plus shoreline is the heart of recreation and relaxation for students, whether it's water skiing, boating, sailing, paddleboarding, or a day with friends on the beach.

"The lake is one of my favorite places to go on the campus. It's a great spot to study, lay out or just watch the sunset. Some of my favorite days at Clemson have been spent relaxing by the lake." - Leah Perri, Junior Outside Hitter


Through the CORE Recreation and Rental on Y-Beach, students have the ability to rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and many other outdoor recreational equipment. Students can come out and spend an hour or two exploring the coves and beaches of Lake Hartwell!

Students can sign up for one of the CORE Adventure Trips
"I love the lake because there are so many activities to do all year round. On summer days we tan, swim and we swing from the ropes and do a little cliff jumping off the rocks at Lake Hartwell." - Kailey Harvell, Freshman Outside Hitter
"This place is breathtakingly beautiful. Walking and driving around, you don't realize how much your spirit is lifted by the beauty of the scenery and the buildings! There are certain spots on campus where you can see the tops of the blue ridge mountains, go walking in the botanical gardens, and watch the sun set over the lake at the rowing docks. I haven't seen many places as beautiful as Clemson." - Kennedy Wilson, Freshman Libero

Experience Clemson - OUR CAMPUS

The Outdoor Theater, also called the bandstand or amphitheater, was a gift from the Class of 1915. The stage is a sunburst of gray, red and beige marble with the year 1915 set in. It is used for activities from pep rallies and outdoor movies to concerts. It’s located in front of the R.M. Cooper Library’s reflection pond.

Library Bridge between classes
Bandstand, Reflection Pond and Cooper Library
"I love how beautiful campus is and how well it is laid out. I like how when you are on campus it doesn't feel like you are walking through a city, it's like we are in our own little college town bubble." - Sydney Mosley, Junior Outside Hitter
"Library pond is a great place to spend time and relax in between classes." Irem Bayramoglu, Junior Outside Hitter

Historic bowman field

This wide-open area originally served as the traditional parade ground for Clemson cadets. Still an unmistakable part of student life, the field is now where students gather to relax, play and celebrate special events.

ESPN College Game Day at Bowman Field



Core Campus housing and dining facilities, projected to open in the fall of 2016, will be a dynamic center for students, faculty, and visitors. Core Campus will not only provide housing for 700 Clemson students, including Clemson Honor Students, but will also house a variety of dining options for up to 1,200 occupants. Core Campus strives to maintain Clemson’s graceful landscape.

The dining portion of the project, approximately 76,000 square feet, will include a dining facility, convenience store, retail restaurant and appropriate administrative support spaces. Included will be Starbucks, Which Wich, Raising Canes's and Twisted Taco. Academically oriented space in the facility will be approximately 5,000 square feet and will include shared-use seminar and meeting space for faculty and students. The total combined project is approximately 260,000 square feet in size.

This 260,000 square foot mixed-use facility includes student housing, retail and residential dining, and a new home for the Calhoun Honors College



The largest construction project in the history of Clemson University has just begun. The new Douthit Hills project will be a $212 million residential village geared to the expectations of students at a Top-20 national public university. Douthit Hills is all about making campus a more inviting place for students to live.

The $212.7 million Douthit Hills project not only will provide a home for more than 1,600 students, but it will include a new bookstore, a student center, fitness center, restaurants and other retail establishments and a dining hall, plus other amenities.


Watt Family Innovation Center

To create an environment where collaboration between students, faculty, and leaders from industry and government agencies generates ideas and solves complex problems.

The Watt Family Innovation Center utilizes state-of-the-art information technology and special facilities to enable undergraduate and graduate students — from all Clemson colleges — to think ahead of the curve, develop their own ideas with support from faculty mentors and connect to industry partners seeking new methods and solutions.

There is flexible space for collaboration and project development and for industry and government partners to work side-by-side with students and faculty, exploring and discovering new concepts for the marketplace.

Clemson Pride - School Spirit

"I love the school spirit and how dedicated everyone is to promoting the Clemson culture and Clemson Family. Clemson fans are a different breed of people and it's awesome how they support absolutely anything related to Clemson." - Sydney Mosley, Junior Outside Hitter

"I have many favorite things about Clemson but one of my favorite things about Clemson is the school spirit. Especially being an athlete you will always feel as if you have the entire school behind you and your goals. The volleyball team was lucky enough to have many supporters for the entire season which made the Clemson Volleyball experience that much more enjoyable." - Annie Carter, Freshman Outside Hitter

"The location was a huge draw for me. I am from a small town originally, so going to a school that had a small town feel but still had a larger number of students was a big thing of me. I think its important to find a place you feel comfortable and could eventually think of as “home”. Clemson was exactly that for me. Whether its going to the rowing docks to watch the sunset or just sitting outside Hendrix Center and people watching, there is something truly comforting about Clemson’s environment." - Megan McGinnley - Freshman Middle Blocker

"I love the family aspect Clemson has to offer. It sounds kinda of cliche but you don't completely understand how amazing the Clemson family really is until you arrive on campus. No matter what day it is you'll always have someone ask about your day or either just give you a friendly hello. You feel incredibly welcomed on campus and in the community all the time." - Annie Carter, Freshman Outside Hitter


"I love that, though all schools say it, Clemson fans are really the best fans in the country. Win or lose, everyone is always there to support you in a sea of orange. Students, parents, children, and even little babies are always at games to give you support and energy when you need it the most. They bring a whole new meaning to Clemson Family." - Meghan Hanewall, Junior Outside Hitter

"The atmosphere: you'll hear a lot about the "Clemson Family", and you won't realize it's more than just a corny saying until you get here! It doesn't matter if you're outgoing or prefer to keep to yourself, you'll open up when you get here and start really considering people you meet her to be part of your family." - Taylor Daniel, Freshman Setter

"I really love the family atmosphere at Clemson. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. It's hard coming to college far away from home but the people at Clemson make you feel welcome. The fans are crazy supportive and the traditions are awesome to be a part of. It's hard not to like it here!" - Leah Perri, Junior Outside Hitter

The ultimate college town




"The people. I absolutely love the people I meet. There is the most amazing support staff; incredible people all around that genuinely care about you, are there to help you, and expect your best. I admire and respect all the people around me." - Kennedy Wilson, Freshman Libero

"I really love the family atmosphere at Clemson. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. It's hard coming to college far away from home but the people at Clemson make you feel welcome. The fans are crazy supportive and the traditions are awesome to be a part of. It's hard not to like it here!" - Leah Perri, Junior Outside Hitter

"I love the school spirit and pride people take in being a Clemson Tiger." - Kailey Harvell, Freshman Outside Hitter

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