For those not at home within themselves- we pray this Advent

those with dementia, whose brains fail them,

the mentally ill, whose minds disturb them,

the depressed and struggling rural workers,

the long-term itinerants of our vast cities,

the workers enslaved by venal systems.

God of the Universe,

Maker and Sustainer,

You are the true global presence of Mercy,

Your Mercy infuses every part of every/ thing.

Every part of every/ thing.

Guide and free us to act

with your righteous kindness

and piercing justice,

to bring all home,

to be at home,

to be makers of home.


Post your prayer in our online Chapel for those not at home in themselves

Text: Mary Wickham (ISMAPNG) from Home/Hogar. Presentation: MIA Communications


Created with images by geralt - "dependent dementia woman" • Nathália Bariani - "Rest on seaside bench" • geralt - "old people's home retirement home civilian service" • Rémi Walle - "untitled image" • TaniaVdB - "grandma seniorin senior" • geralt - "dependent dementia woman" • Jeremy Perkins - "Ponder" • Jake Melara - "untitled image" • Oliver Cole - "Courage." • Trevor Gerzen - "Murky childhood reflection" • Toa Heftiba - "First snow" • blairurquhart - "Rural Business" • Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn - "Cows and farmer" • angela n. - "Dupont Circle Farmers Market" • Beyond Coal and Gas - "Farmers rally against coal seam gas" • thomas0000 - "straw hat farmer sweet potato farming" • Jean-René Vauzelle - "Farmer" • etinosa_yvonne - "gbagyi woman farmer abuja" • flippinyank - "Farmer's Market 003" • Memekiller - "workers" • Igor Ovsyannykov - "Construction Worker Talking After Work" • Much Ramblings - "Office Workers Going Home" • nattanan23 - "hand type keyboard" • Deva Darshan - "The Hibiscus Highway" • geralt - "block chain personal shaking hands" • John O'Nolan - "untitled image" • Peter Hershey - "Traffic jam in Bangkok"

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