Social StudiesCh. 5 Lesson 3 By: Weston Lundell

Americans in 1865 went to school for an average of just four years.

By 1914 most states required children to have at least some schooling In fact, more than 80% of all children between the ages of 5-17 were enrolled in school.

The number of public highschools in 1860 was 100.

The number of highschools in 1914 was 12,000.

The majority of highschool students were girls, because most boys stayed home and worked for the family.

An old high school

In the south, African Americans received little or no education. African Americans had to attend poor-quality schools that were segregated.

Land grant colleges, were colleges that were built on the land that was given to the state in response to the 1862 Morrhill Act which gave states land they could use to raise money.

Yellow journalism was a writing style that exaggerated dramatic or shocking aspects of stories.

Spectator sports were games watched for enjoyment in one's free time, this grew in popularity.

Vaudeville, were shows that featured dancing, singing, comedy, and magic acts.


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