Save our Cheetahs By : gustavo Rosales

The scientific name of cheetahs is acinonyx jubatus and is in vulnerable static of extinction.
Cheetahs main regions is in Africa they have a small population that live in the desert of Iran
Since cheetahs are predators they are not threatened by other animals but are threatens by their environment. Their low density means that Cheetah populations require much larger areas of land to survive than do those of other carnivore species. Cheetahs living outside protect areas are often threatened by conflicts with livestock and game hunters. Game hunters cause a loss of prey, also high livestock density and grazing pressure , and/or habitat conversion, these game hunter ruin Cheetahs environment

The total known Cheetah population is estimated at around 6,674 adults and independent adolescents. Their population trend is decreasing due to the fact that their prey if being hunted. Also 76% of cheetahs population is on unprotected land causing cheetah much more vulnerable to loss.

RWCP improve national capacity for Cheetah conservation and management, raise awareness of and political commitment, improve land use planning and reduce habitat fragmentation; improve policy and legislation; and address conservation information needs
In Africa, Cheetahs are found in a wide range of habitats and ecoregions, ranging from dry forest and thick scrub through to grassland and hyperarid deserts. Cheetahs, unlike many other African predators, rarely scavenge. Cheetahs make use of their high speeds to catch their prey, their prey can range from ground-dwelling birds and small mammals, such as hares, up to large ungulates such as wildebeest, kudu or eland. This is how cheetahs effect their diversity they control the population of their prey.

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