Brave New World by: Aldous Huxley

Presentation by: Megan, Hailey, Tyra, and Gordon

Genre: Science fiction

Number of Pages: 259 pages

Humans being genetically engineered

Brave New World is set in a seemingly Utopian society where people are genetically engineered into a specific caste system.

Caste systems in Brave New World
In order for a society to be stable, creativity must be substituted for happiness.
Drugs are used in the mainstream to numb people and make them forget and conform.

Brave New World creates a slow-paced warning by describing a dystopian society that has disconnected from the natural world. The author shows us that genetically engineering humans is unnatural and is warning us that it should not happen in the future.

This is relevant to today because genetic engineering is breaking through and becoming more possible. Because of this, controversies over ethics of genetic engineering are between what we should and should not do. The novel also warns us that if humans become too advanced with themselves and machinery, we will further detach ourselves from the natural world. An example of this today is cloning in animals, with experiments in cloning humans. Animals are only the gateway to human genetic engineering, as sheep, cows, and mice are cloned to see if it´s safe for human cloning.

If you like science and the idea of it becoming the future then you would love this book there´s many ways that this book has shown different kinds of science and pushes the idea of biology to the max. The book makes you question society and the lack of creativity for happiness. Why should all art and science be destroyed for a controlling government that forces everyone to be happy with drugs and artificial happiness? The author brings to the table a story they do not necessarily agree with themselves. The book offers a compelling point of view on the idea of genetic engineering.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
  • We give this book two stars because it´s boring and does not hold your attention. It is long drawn with little action and makes it very hard to be interested.


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