FPS Virtual Experience Community Ambassadors Thank You to The Following People For Helping Us Create More Memories for Families Facing Cancer!

Thank you to FPS Traveler, Nicole Woomer, for sharing her story of love!

Thank you to FPS Travelers, Gary and Shawn Morton, for sharing their Story of Love!

FPS Virtual Experience Community Ambassadors List:

Crystal Ahmed

Nikki Alutius

Christine Bove

Mary Burns

Angelina Carione

Tracey Coleman

Chris Condon

Daria Cook

Jessica Currie

Casey and Soni Davis

Sarah Dinsel

Brian Dougherty

Suzanne Dougherty

Lisa Evoli

Kim Fortino

Brooke Fuller

Lori Gilbert

Madeleine Govia

Cynthia Griffith

Julie Guaraldo

Nathan Jara

Michelle Lamont

Jen Lankin

Wendy Martinelli

Maria McDermott

Michael Minghenelli

Kathleen O’Brien

Krista Perez

David Shatz

Albert Sica

Suzanne Snyder

Jen Thomas

Gretchen White

Keith and Kat Wood

To join our ambassadors and promote the FPS Virtual Experience, please Email Alisa@takeabreakfromcancer.org and receive a toolkit!