Nudecation with my CondoSeniors at Haulover Beach, Miami STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

June 9, 2016. A couple of my CondoSeniors are nudist and planned a vacation to Haulover Beach. This is the only nude beach in Florida, located just north of North Miami Beach. Haulover Beach offers 800 meters of nude bathing and swimming. This spans some of the beast beach in Florida. Lounge chairs and umbrellas can be rented. I accompanied them and here is our great nudecation adventure

Day One

My CondoSeniors parked at the southern parking lot, not the north parking lot where the marina is located. So we had a long walk. The nude area is best accessed from the northern lot. All along the parking lot, there are designated pathways that go under A1A to the trail and then the beach. Some tunnel areas have showers and bathrooms on the beach side. Check after you emerge from the tunnel.

Good to know where the bathroom and showers are. Some beach access areas have showers and benches on the beach side.


Be sure to remember the lifeguard tower number that was near where you entered the beach. You will need that on the return! They forgot so we ended up taking the scenic tour.


Yes, this was a long walk carrying their beach gear. 

The fence marks the nude beach area.


Cameras are not prohibited but are frowned upon. Due to America's puritanical litmus test and hypocrisy, all images do not show body parts. The photos are either blurred or a black box is used.

The clothing optional or nude area has pink lifeguard towers, The southern part is predominantly straight section and the northern end is predominantly gay. However, there are no rules and you can plop where ever you like. There is nothing to hide.

Armed with plenty of 100 sunscreen protection, swimming googles, and a cooler, my CondoSeniors observed other like minded people of all ages. There were even bikers on the trail enjoying the clothing optional ride.

iphone6plus panoramic

View north.

Beach walking is a past time. Cool off in the waves when you get hot. 

Walking in sand is great exercise!

Several seniors on the other side of the fence had been watching with a certain curiosity. Finally the towering man walked around the fence and asked if the nude area was for everyone. Seems the senior gentleman didn't know seniors could get nude here. He asked what time the beach closed and we said, sunset. He immediately stripped and started walking north! Hope he heard when we shouted the nude area is in between the fences!

The fireboat gave everyone a show.

Day Two

Day 2 was overcast. Today, we parked in the northern lot.


The nude area is protected by mangroves. Beach entrances are marked with the Tower number.


Still need sunscreen when it is overcast!


Turtles don't discriminate against nude beaches. They nest anywhere!


Miami Beach's lifeguard tower stations are famous and picturesque.

The sunset yoga class was enjoying the last bit of sun.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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