-Men's Shed Vernon- Newsletter October 27, 2019

Our Mission: We Build Meaning & Wellness into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds.

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

Relationships are the glue that binds

I've noticed how the guys are really coming together lately. Attendance is up, friendships are forming. Care for another's life events are being demonstrated. We work better together. It's good. I like it.

Parking Shuttle Begins

This week we started parking on Fulton Rd, and shuttling guys to The Shed. It worked pretty well, and relieved the pressure at the Gate to Elephant Storage. Good job guys. BTW, the gals at the gate think that we are having WAY to much fun.

A Legacy Gift to Men's Shed Vernon

Ken Cote, and his partner Carol of Vernon, have made a generous and thoughtful donation to Men's Shed.

Ken and Carol recently donated some much needed high quality equipment to the Men's Shed, including a dust collection system a band saw, table saw and other shop items. At Men's Shed, we have been discussing the need for dust control improvement in our facility, so the timing of this donation is ideal.

Ken, along with his partner, Carol, were also instrumental in enabling Men's Shed to recently acquire their quality metal lathe and milling machine, which we all appreciate greatly expands the breadth of our operations.

The equipment came with a lot of unexpected accessories.

Ken worked as a biomedical researcher at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Upon retirement he moved to Pender Island before ultimately moving to Vernon in the early 2000's. Ken is a avid metal and wood worker, and is also an active member of the Spallumcheen Pioneer Power Club where he recently restored a 1950's vintage John Deere 50 tractor.

Thanks again to both of you for selecting Men's Shed Vernon for these gifts. We'll put them to work!

Hmmm... I wonder where will we plug them in?

Dave A is back! Dave was away attending to family for a few weeks. H returned triumphant with an amazing serving bowl that he had turned from a piece of spalted maple spotted at The Shed. Everyone was suitably impressed.

Before you build a project, you need to visit and talk about it...

Bruce K and Quinn are planning out an ambitious project. A seven string, three pickup electric guitar. First, Quinn needed to see and play on some of Bruce's previous handiwork.

Men's Shed Vernon goes to the Symphony

Several of the Men's Shed guys and their guests were treated to an evening at the Performing Arts Center to hear renowned cellist Bryan Cheng and a 50 piece ensemble thrill us with their gift of music. What a great evening. BRAVO!!

Lloyd K stopped in to visit The Shed this week. It was good to see you again Lloyd.

Did you know that we now have a facebook web page? Well...We Do! Roy U must never sleep. He has set up a closed group site where we can keep in touch with one another. If you have a fb account, all you have to do is click the link below, and then Join. Roy will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Catalina 27 Restoration:

Under John Halper, Scott, Jacob, Quinn, Lyle, & Ray have all been lending a hand. Stanchions ( posts that hold the lifelines) are back on, and deck hardware is installed. Lifelines and hardware are on order. Now the winter cover can be modified before the boat is hauled out of the bay. We will finish the job in the spring.

Ice box grate being cleaned and reassembled. Just needs to be glued.

Oh yea, almost forgot...

John helps Harry and Palmer through the process of building a stand for the outboard motor for the Catalina. Nice work, guys.

Hey mister...is THAT your horse?

We are sampling some dappled paint and tinted polyurethane coatings for our "Show Horse"

Drill and battery storage

Ron L was inspired by a sketch he saw that would enable us to store, charge, and care for our new cordless drills. Watching someone work and offering encouragement is an important job at The Shed. Good work guys!
Roy U built a comment board for his friends up at Fairhaven. Nice sliding barn door, Roy.

More letters

Jerry Z sorts some letter inventory. Another order came in this week...

Minds - Staying Involved

Important MSV Dates and activities:
Movember is here! Tell a friend to get their prostate checked. They may thank you for saving their life! Grow a "stache" to raise funds. We gotta keep working at living as long as the ladies. Get involved, Men's Shed guys!

Mel's Scroll Saw Quest

Some of us like to drive manuals rather than automatics. That's how Mel H feels. He's a Miata guy. So Mel is on a quest to understand which scroll saw blades work best with various types and thicknesses of wood, so that he and Tom can freehand. It's more satisfying than watching the CNC router do it automatically.

CMHA Calendar

Would you like to take one of these short courses? It would sure help out the guys if you were more informed.

CMHA/Men's Shed Vernon Celebrate our new relationship. Save the date: NOVEMBER 5th. 7-9 PM at CMHA.

Your invitation should already be in your e-mail inbox. Come out and meet the CMHA directors and staff that are committed to supporting you in making Men's Shed Vernon a benchmark program in Canada.

Volunteers Needed: Please e-mail Ray to volunteer for set up, clean up, or door greeters (3). We need your help to make this event happen!

November 7 & 8. MSV will be sharing a display with OKMS, and will be participating in the program. We hope to learn more about issues, support tools, and funding opportunities.

November 11th

Vernon Farmers Market "Customer Appreciation Market". An annual event, where MSV will have an exhibit to sell some of our Christmas crafts.
Dec. 7 & 8: MSV will have a sales table and exhibit at Shoparama.
Drop me a note if you would like to add a friend, (or delete) a name to our newsletter mailing list. We won't share it. rverlage@gmail.com
One thing that we WILL share is some quality time, some stories, and some projects when we meet. Don't forget to tell other guys about what's happening at "The Shed"..

We're Open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9AM - 1PM @ Elephant Storage - 6136 Okanagan Ave. Come and check us out!

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