Jupiter The Fifth planet from the sun

The diameter of Jupiter is 86,881.4 miles wide

This is a farther view of Jupiter.

The revolution is 11.86 in Earth years. The rotation period is 0.41 which is 9.8 earth hours.

Jupiter has very pretty

The origin of the name Jupiter is from Roman believes because of Zeus. That is believed because its thought that both are the God's of the sky.

The average distance from Jupiter to the sun is 438.8 million miles.

The surface of Jupiter 145 degrees Celsius ( * minus * 298 degrees in Fahrenheit) .

Fun facts

1.) The center of Jupiter is hotter than the sun's surface which Jupiter is 43,000 degrees in Fahrenheit

2.) The first record of Jupiter was around the 7th or 8th century BC.

3.) The first record was recorded by the Babylonian astronomers.

4.) Jupiter has the shortest days of all planets.


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