6th Grade Success LINDSEY CREE

My grades have been really good so far this year. I would like to continue to do well in my LMS vision. Learn Motivate Succeed.

I scored an 80% on the first NC check-In, in ELA. My score was one of the top scores in the grade.

In Laker Leaders i learned about Steve Smith. He inspires me, because no matter what happens he never gave up. He got hurt on the field and spent time at home but right after he recovered he was shining bright and back on the field.

Also in Laker Leaders I learned that me and the kid in front of me are different. We may be only different in one or two ways, but we are different people. So i learned that not to follows others paths because i don't want to be them i want to be me. I learned that don't follow someone else's path, just make my own.

I feel like my grades have shown that i can put my issues aside and focus on my school work. That is what i have been trying to do, is put other stuff aside and focus on what's most important, school.

I work really hard for my grades, I feel I deserve these outstanding grades that I get. All my teachers know that me and my grandparents do homework every night for about 2 hours, sometimes more. Because I want my good grades, I want to get somewhere in life, I want to get into the military, but I can't without my good grades right now.

School is honestly the most important thing to me right now. I'm not just saying that to make this look or sound good, but school is really the most important thing to me. I may have some bumps in the road here and there, but i have learned that i am myself. I can choose my path and be a leader not a follower.

Looking at my grades now shows me and everyone else who sees them that I have worked hard. I love my grades and I hope to keep them that way right now and for a long time to come because i'm proud of them, and i'm proud of myself.

One thing I also did was make this cross country board. I felt like I really owed the coach


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