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Play apart, together as Avakin joins the COVID-19 charity, #PlayApartTogether. help raise money to help the fight against this crisis. Avakin have put together a special bundle to help raise the money.

This is the content that you can find in this very special offer to help those struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

Credits: AAM Models

Summer Looks

Feng Shui With MJ

Hollywood With Dale

Movie Magic

Featured Content Creators

Anny Soza Oficial


Buying 4 Coin Offers

Wolf Lee

Help Raise Money for COVID-19

Throwback Thursdays

TBT - Safari Collection by Cosmos

TBT Model & Fashionsta, Lilcutie30xTRDx models for us just some of the awesome content in this weeks, Throwback Thursday bundle by Cosmos.

Sneak Peeks
Coming Soon...

These are sneak peeks that have been publicly teased by Avakin Official

*Nothing New This Week*

Exclusive Sneak Peeks

In this section of the magazine, Avakin Official has granted us exclusive sneak peeks, just for Avakin Addiction Magazine. These sneak peeks you will not find anywhere else (In full) unless you read this magazine, so spread the word. tell your friends about it. these are not to be missed!

Coming Soon...

Avakin Events & Competitions

Official Avakin Life Community Amino

Join Us:

Do you love Avakin Life, do you find yourself decorating your new apartment for hours or changing your avatars look?

Have you ever wanted to find a community of amazing people who love to play Avakin? Share your thoughts on the latest Avakin news and fashion, have a dance off, share your art, meet other Avakins and join our chats, join a fam or modeling agency, help out in the community or just hang out and participate in our challenges and contests…

We hope you have a great time and make awesome friends here at the Official Avakin Life Amino Community!

Want more information on all the daily new amino competitions and events? tap the “Join Us” button above to find out more.

Community Events & Competitions

100K Giveaway

For more information on how you can enter this competition, tap below.

Avakin Highlights
Instagram Top Pics!

Top Pics This Week!!

The Pic of The Pics From Across The Community!

A Selection of the community pictures and edits for you, on all social media platforms this week!

Don’t see your pics below???

If you would like a chance to be featured in the pic of the week please tag us on instagram @avakin_addiction_magazine or email us at AddictionMagazine@Gmail.com to keep the quality in top form.

*Manager’s Pick*
Credits: @madame.avk
Your Youtube

All of the best Avakin-related weekly youtube content from all of your favourite Avakin Youtubers!


How To Make A Music Video

Ana Avakin

Avakin Life Ladylalabugg

Black Wedding

Broodway Avakin

Cats Spellman

Avakin Life King DG

Stuck with you

Avakin Radio Philippines

Re-Live, Explore, Escape To Avakin



Lelehzinha Avk


Floral Looks


Event Day 2

Evie Delacourt


Fashion Weekly

New Fashion Releases

This week’s releases are...

Playful Spirits Collection By Yume

Steampunk Collection By Delirious

bLACK RAINBOW - Deserted Range

Credits: AAM Models
Credits: AAM Models
Credits: Belle Rolex
Credits: AAM Models
Credits: Luxury Modeling Production
Credits: One More Light
Credits: Alli Black
Credits: Sophiaveil WF
Credits: Queen B Santorini
Credits: Luxury Modeling Production
Credits: Aliceñchains Fox
Credits: Belle Rolex
AAM Lookbooks & Makeup Looks

AAM ‘LookBooks’ & Makeup Looks

This week we have our fashion guru and makeup artist, Ariannalynn xTRDx, showing us some easy-to-put looks based on new and old releases for both genders try ourselves. she also provides us with more Avakin styles on a budget for those with limited funds and if that’s not enough, she even puts together some creative looks for tips and Ideas.

Want to look prestige, luxurious and fashionable? want to know how to look like you’re living the dream? Fashion Guru, Alli Black, will show you how to make the most of your budget with dazzling styles based on weekly new releases with a price tag that is just over 2,000 Avacoins.

Look Of The Day

Low Budget Avakin

Luxury Lookbooks

Makeup Looks

Weekly Releases


Manhattan Loft

Start small, dream big, accomplishment epic goals right here in the new manhattan loft, historical, luxurious and full of light, this place is a beauty. spacious rooms, two bathrooms, and more, what are you waiting for? located in the city, this is the perfect place to kick start any career or dream you have planned.

This week, Lady Amalthea gives us a peek on what’s inside the new manhattan loft apartment.

Avakin Models
Avakin Addiction Magazine Models (AAM Models)

About AAM Models

About The Agency:

The way this agency works is a bit different from how other agencies work. The aim is to try make this agency different. To stand out and set the postive example for others.

Each week, a different model sets assignments for everyone that week. For that, they get an optional week off, however, mandatory will still need to be done. Until the following week when another model sets the tasks for that week. So on.

Every Assignment will have a mandatory task which is to spread or make awareness about something. To teach and educate our models about what the mandatory task is all about.

As a model not only will you represent the magazine but you may be needed for other things such as release shoots, for competition banners and anything else we may need you for etc.

You are allowed to represent another agency, just don't overload yourself with work. If you go to school, let us know. We will work with you to keep your workload to a minimum. If real life gets in the way, let us know. We will sort something out for you.

Assignments and Model related things are included Avakin Addiction Magazine each week. When it comes to editing, We will train you, help you get your editing skills up to standard if they aren't. We will give feedback and advice to you to help you learn.

Avakin Addiction Magazine is the number 1, 5 Star magazine that even LKWD read themselves sometimes, Avakin Addiction Magazine has been going for almost 3 years. It's even in Avakin itself and the credits! So standards need to be good. This agency aims to be stress and drama free. If you have any issues or concerns, speak with the founders so conflicts can be resolved. Don't be worried.

Also, if real life gets in the way, don't fret. Our No.1 rule is real life comes first, always so please let us know so we don't assume you are inactive. You do not have to go into details or specfics if you feel uncomfortable, however, if you do choose to inform us then we will respect and protect your privacy in the best way we can.

Rules & Requirements

Avakin Addiction Magazine Models

Hiring Requirements.

Please submit all applications to one of the founders or our instagram page.

Thank you.


- Must be 16+ years

- Must be active

- Available for Group shoots

- Skilled editior (or have basic skills in photoshop)

- Complete at least one weekly task a week. This is usually the mandatory one.

Acknowledgements (Terms & Conditions) :

- You are allowed to be in another modelling group already

- You will NOT be "paid" to be apart of the agency. This is something voluntary, something YOU want to do.

- You don't have to have experience. We will train you

- You must not discriminate

- No Racisim allowed.

- Equailty is important

- Diversty is a must

- No causing flamewars

- Follow Avakin Life T&C's

- No Bullying is allowed at all - if there is bullying you must speak with the founders (Sapphy or Prya). We will work with you to help put an end to it maturely.

- You can speak to the founders with confidence if there are any issues. We keep information confidential.

- Never discuss selling Avakin Accounts

- No Impersonating Official LKWD

- No discussion on hacking or modifying Avakin Life. This results in a report to Official LKWD and action MAY be taken.

Here is a link to our models page.

Please note that disciplinary action will take place if the T&C's are broken.

Mrs Shy Love



Jess Nova

King DG

Alli Black

Luxury Modeling Production

Tiff 001

Babiedoll Jordan




Release Reviews

About Release Reviews:

To be a release reviewer one must be able to be 100% honest at all times, about the item they are reviewing. To tell the consumers what’s hot and what’s not. To show how the item can be worn or used, and the versatility of said item. To me a review is very important to the audience as well as the brand

*No Reviews This Week*

Sit Down With Sapphy

Everyone knows Sapphy and Sapphy knows everyone, so who better to send into the world of Avakins to have people interviewed? With Sit Down With Sapphy, we get to know a different Avakins each week, giving them a chance to shine in exclusive interviews.

This week, Sapphy interviews Cherry.

1) Hello there, What is your name and what do you like to do on Avakin?

My Name is Cherry andI like to hangout with friends and make edits.

2) How long have you been on avakin?

I been on Avakin for 3 years going on 4 years.

3) What is your favourite Avakin feature? (Music, Wardrobe, Chat, Animations, Body Customisation, Etc.)

I love that Avakin put contour and highlights for us and All these stunning new eyes.

4) Tell us your top 3 all-time favourite apartments, which ones are they and why?

The front row photo studio because I love making my edits there and the lighting is perfect.

The beauvale castle courtyard because I love ice skating and love pretending I’m in the frozen movie lol.

The santa monica oceanfront because I love the scenery and how beautiful it is with all the water, and how there’s a lot of space to decorate.

5) if you could add/change anything on avakin, what would it be?

I would add that everywhere can have room of 16 people, and I would lower prices for clothing and wings etc, to make it affordable for everyone to enjoy. And so much more.

6) What do you like most in this weeks release?

I love the outfits and the different ways to wear it like you can wear it with a cowboy hat or just wear it for something casual. And I love the boots I can’t have enough shoes & of course my favorite is the animation set.

7) If you could interview LKWD, What question would you ask?

I would ask if they would make more affordable stuff so everyone can have fun and wear it, cause not everyone can enjoy the new releases, that be my main question cause I care about the community.

8) What has been your most treasured memory on Avakin?

That would have to be when I first started playing being a low level I got greeted with open arms by higher levels then me and they told me how this game will be a fun experience and still to this day they are my friends.

9) What kind of jobs would you like to see on Avakin?

Maybe workers at the boardwalk taking care of the rides & maybe gym members to help avakins get in shape. Maybe lifeguards at the beaches. There’s so many ideas for more jobs to help avakins with coins.

10) What has been your favourite band that had played in Avakin so far?

I definitely enjoy the band playing now... haikaiss their music is a fun beat to dance too

11) What kind of social scenes would you like to see?

More clubs & more outdoor attractions

12) What kind of interactions would you want the most if you could have anything? (Interactive features in social scenes like the ferris wheel, More interactive furniture, Animations, etc.)

More interactions with other avakins, like maybe more hugs that are longer and kissing too.

13) What kind of mini games would you like to have in Avakin?

Definitely fun games like pacman or poker etc.

14) If you could, what changes would you make to all the current mini games?

To make them last longer so avakins have more time playing maybe make more of them in a arcade room in Avakin.

15) What do you think about the events, Avakin makes for us?

I enjoy the events, I always can’t wait for a new one to come back or come out.

16) What kind of events would you like to see more of?

Maybe more holiday ones and more season ones to do.

17) What event, that hasn't happened in Avakin, would you like to see in Avakin?

Hide and go seek with your friends or for summer like water ballon contests or squirt gun fights.

Meet The Team

Meet the faces behind the magazine, Meet the team and learn more about what they do and what they like, get to know them on another level and discover who’s behind your favourite section of the magazine.

About Sapphy:

Hey, I'm Sapphy, I'm quirky and Kind, I've been on Avakin 4 years. I love Avakin alot and it's been my second home for just as long. Everything I do, I do for Avakin. There isn't a day that goes by I don't think about Avakin. There's so much I do, it's hard to say what I don't do. I'm the first official social moderator, I cover social media platforms like, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and more. I run a very successful Avakin Magazine, Avakin Addiction Magazine, A Modelling agency named after the magazine, Avakin Addiction Magazine Models, otherwise known as, AAM Models. Avakin is my passion and I'm proud to be apart of it. I've even visted the LKWD HQ twice! it's amazing to see the changes and achievements Avakin makes. my only regret is, I wish I found it sooner.

About AriannalynnxTRDx:

Howdy everyone, nice to meet you! Ari here! 😊 I've been actively playing Avakin Life for four years, but have had my account for five. I started editing maybe three and a half years ago. I would see everyone's edits on Instagram and decided I wanted to at least try to learn. Around that time my Avakin family had a collaborative magazine called TRD GIRLS. I got a bit better as time went on, still not good though 🤣. After some time I started to gradually crossover to AAM as I was put in charge of more edits, while still dragging fellow TRD models with me to show them off ☺️. Looking back on everything, I'm proud of what I've accomplished, and am ready and excited to continue to learn how to make even better content for AAM.☺️

About AlliBlack:

Hi! I'm Alli Black . I have been playing Avakin Life over 2 years and level 48+. Editing is a great passion of mine and continue to learn more new things .I've been a editor for a year with my own label AlliB'$ Studios.My previous work was with Luxury Modeling Productions. Left in December. Joined Bloodroses and AAM Models in November. Recently became Fashion Editor for Avakin Addiction Magazine which Im truly excited about . January , I partnered with BlueRiver and started Avakin Life's Top Editor Competition . We just finished our 1st season. My avakin parents are Emmylou & Hornet206. I have one ava daugther Maple . Just started dating Jason Star. I love my avakin life . Wouldn't change it for the world.

About Queen B Santorini:

About Dark BtyDollAS4L:

Ayee, what's good. It's the doll babee! Been in Avakin city for over 2 years. Started out hosting events for a great guy with the J7 team. One thing led to another ended up owning my own along with my sister and one of my daughters. The Avastars. I have six beautiful daughters. Smokahonas, Evilishious, Bjordan, Rebel fox, Princess, and Angie. I also am the owner of Avakin Fashion Magazine. Nothing I love most then New release day lol. I've met some great friends in Avakin city. Don't plan on moving anytime soon. You know me, bout that #avakinlife babee.

About Ariaeldevine:

Hi I am Ariael Devine, Miss Universe 2020. I am a model, beauty queen and editor. I absolutely love to edit, as well as host and judge pageants. I started playing Avakin in the late summer if 2017, in December I joined the instagram Avakin community and started editing. I have worked for many agencies, including, Vogue Avakin, Bloodroses, Caras Avakin and it is a complete honor to now be the release reviewer in AAM! I love to mentor up and coming queens in the pageant world, and uplift all the woman of this community to know their worth and that no matter what they are beautiful and needed. I don’t belong to a “family” but to me family doesn’t always need to be a mom, dad, brother, and or sisters, I have a few special ladies in my life that I love as family, as well as my special someone and as long as I have them and this community standing with me I know that I can conquer anything that I strive to do!

About Lilcutie30xTRDx

Hi My Lovelies, It’s your One and only Lilcutie Aka Lilcutie30xTRDx Aka TBT Editor, I have been playing Avakin Life going on 3 years Level 49! I Started editing about two years ago around the time I was introduced to TRD-True Royal Dragons. Prya was the first person to give me a chance by allowing me to model for AAM Magazine over a year ago. She also gave me the opportunity to do TBT each week which I love! Currently I do my own editing on the side which I share on my Instagram page. I have enjoyed been part of the growth of AVAKIN Addiction Magazine, It has been an amazing and phenomenal experience!

Avakin Life Network Radio

About Avakin Life Network:

- Streaming Local and Soundcloud Artist as well as Avakin Community Update, Contest, Events

- Established in 2015 Trying to achieve something that Lockwood needs and no other Avakin has done at the same time. Providing Free Promotions to individuals Inside and Outside of our Community.

Radio station created from a Community Member specifically for the Community of Avakin Life,

Streaming Soundcloud Artists Promoting them and their Music, as well as segments containing;

- Updates, Contests, Events from Avakin Addiction Magazine and the Community Social Pages.

- Shoutouts to the Community (If we @avakinofficial.radio & @foxfamilyradio have liked your post on Social Media, Tune In)

Giving the community and @avakinofficial a creative alternate source of fun creative access to their community.

Where to find Avakin Life Network Radio:

Thanks To...

Thanks, Of Course to...

Lockwood. for constantly working to bring out the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. keep up the great work!!

Main Contributors

AAM Team:

Sapphire Kelly, Prya xTRDx, Ariannalynn xTRDx, Ariaeldevine, Dark Beautydoll, Lady Amalthea, Lilcutie30xTRDx, Queen B Santorini. AlliBlack101.


All Arists/Editors are credited directly above/below their work.

Avakin Models

AAM Models:

Sapphire Kelly, AlliBlack101, Anca 22, Angel Ranger, Ava After Dark Edits, Ben Lovejoy, Brooke060908, Demz, Derek, Jess Nova, King DG, La Belle Rolex, Lady Amathea, Lady Bella, Lilcutie30xTRDx, Reign, Sophia MSFT, SophiaVeil WF, Tea, Turtle Abell, Tina Moon.

Luxury Modeling Production:

Deb peirce, Zen Peirce, Angels, Ele Dynasty, BabieDollJordan2, BabyAngelQ, BEAUTIFUL CHAOS, CharliT Fox 007, Storm chaser, Angel ( Luis), Persephone, Tata, Steph Supreme, Gabi Mami ( tala ), Tiff, Turtle, Zaihlynn, Belle.


Amy, Ana Avakin, Takamiyzawa, Lady Lalabugg, Broodway Avakin, Cats Spellman, King DG, Gabrehla, Lelehzinha, MissBadRomance, MQK TV, Evie.

Special Thanks

Official Featured Content Creators:

Anny Soza Oficial, Alanis, Bunny Avk, Bexah, Celestia, Coelette Love, Dale, Itsmeanna21, Jocelyn, Kimmy, MJ, Sequoah Rose, Wolf Lee.

Official Avakin Life Community Amino:

XxKittyDeexXѱDF, sɪʟᴠᴇʀsᴘɪʀɪᴛѱDF, Jaded Death ѱDF, ᏨMᏘMI2HT ѱDF, ∫∫єχ̈̈ƙίʇʇєɳ ψDF, Tk99, Sapphy, тнαℓια мσσn

Avakin Life Network Radio

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Thank you all for reading, leaving your feedback and spreading the word about Avakin Addiction Magazine. The Number 1 Magazine in Avakin and the longest one running to date.

We Need You!

We Need You!!!

We constantly want this magazine to be for everybody to enjoy and take part in. it simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as we do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything is Avakin related is included and shared with the rest of the community and to do this we need you!!!

So... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included in the magazine or you have an event or a group of family to promote we would love to include it. if you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos, posters, competitions & more. we would love to help.

To contact us for all of the above and send us a message at Official Avakin Addiction Magazine on Facebook, @Avakin_Addiction_Magazine on instagram, @AvaAddictMag on twitter or just email us at, avakinaddictionmagazine@gmail.com.

We respond to almost everyone and will respond when we can.