August 2016 newsletter

Women's Equality Day

August 26th is the anniversary of American woman suffrage. The woman suffrage amendment was introduced for the first time to the United States Congress on January 10, 1878. It was re-submitted numerous times until finally Tennessee voted in favour of the amendment’s ratification. On August 26, 1920 the 19th Amendment became law giving most US women the right to vote. It is important to note that the right to vote did not come until June 2, 1924 when Congress granted citizenship to all Native Americans. However, even after the Indian Citizenship Act, many Native Americans weren't allowed to vote because the right was governed by state law. This was effectively resolved in 1957.

"Oh, if I could but live another century and see the fruition of all the work for women! There is so much yet to be done." - Susan B. Anthony

Test Your Knowledge on Women's Equality!

1. How many women are killed because of gender-based violence?

  • A. 1/3
  • B. 1/2
  • C. 2/5
  • D. 3/7

2. 66% of the world's work is performed by women. Women receive __% of the world's income.

  • A. 80%
  • B. 50%
  • C. 11%
  • D. 70%

3. In China and India, parents use sex determination tests to see if their child is a boy of girl. 8,000 babies were aborted in a Bombay clinic. How many of them were female?

  • A. 6,054
  • B. 2,567
  • C. 4,000
  • D. 7,999

4. What fraction of the worlds working hours are worked by Women and girls?

  • A. 1/4
  • B. 1/2
  • C. 2/3
  • D. 3/4
  • E. 1/8

5. Why are girls more likely than boys to miss out on secondary education in the developing world?

  • A. Because of high school fees, only boys go to school
  • B. Many adolescent girls are expected to help out at home
  • C. Child Marriage restricts girls' mobility and freedom
  • D. None of the above
  • E. All of the above

6. In the least developed countries, nearly twice as many women over the age of 15 are _________ compared to men.

  • A. Living in slums
  • B. Have 5 or more children
  • C. Illiterate
  • D. Terminally ill
  • E. Have a STI/STD

7. Of the 1.3 Billion living in poverty around the world:

  • A. 100% are women
  • B. 20% are women
  • C. 40% are women
  • D. 60 % are women
  • E. 70% are women

8. Women own ____ % of the world's property.

  • A. ≤ 7 %
  • B. 0%
  • C. 10%
  • D. < 1%
  • E. > 1%

Answers: 1/a, 2/c, 3/d, 4/c, 5/e, 6/c, 7/e, 8/d

We're Hiring!

This year at IWI we want to celebrate what YOU do everyday to #MakeEqualityHappen.

Throughout the week we will be posting photos on our social media accounts, like the one shown here, to share how our IWI staff works to #MakeEqualityHappen, and we’d like you to join in!

To join the campaign post a picture of yourself, showing what you do to make equality happen by using the #MakeEqualityHappen hashtag, and forwarding it to us so we can share it on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

At the end of the week we will compile all of the photos into a collage showing all the great things people around the world are doing to make equality happen!

To participate send your photo to Director of Programmes, Laurel Jansury at

IWI Staff Spotlight

We are excited to present this new addition to our monthly newsletter, the IWI Staff Spotlight. IWI has an amazing, dedicated team of women and men, all brought together for one purpose: to improve the lives of women globally. Because of their commitment, I believe it is important to shine a spotlight on a member of staff that during the previous month has gone beyond expectations.

Laurel Jansury, Director of Programmes and Development

This month the IWI Staff Spotlight shines on our Director of Programmes and Development, Laurel Jansury. In life it becomes obvious that some people stand out for their great qualities and leadership. Ms Jansury is one of those people. Her work ethic, teamwork mentality, and vision of how IWI can effectively aid women globally, has helped IWI grow to not only assist more women and educate others about the fundamental rights of women, but she has helped IWI lay groundwork that will help us fight even harder to ensure all women have access to their basic human rights.

- Aubrey Shayler, IWI Executive Director & Founder

IWI is excited to share an update of our upcoming 1st Annual Initiative Gala in London, UK

Our 1st Annual Initiative Gala is happening October 28th!

The Gala being held October 28th will be an evening of great speakers, drinks, music and networking to support IWI’s efforts to bring attention to women’s human rights globally, and specifically our flagship project the Safe Birthing Programme.

We're excited to announce additional sponsors Gosnells London Mead, Beavertown Brewery, The Vegan Nigerian, Five Points Brewing Company, Onidodo and Soffle's Pitta Chips. Thank you all for donating your products to our gala.

Also remember that our special guests SHE Choir London will be performing, as well as our speakers Dr. Gina Heathcote, Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies and International Law and Chair of the SOAS Centre for Gender Studies, as well as Joy Kemp, Global Professional Advisor at The Royal College of Midwives.

Music, drinks and mingling for a good cause. This event is sure to be fun evening!

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