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Sacramento, California

Sacramento is home to 479,686 people. This is the capital in California. It is off the west coast with over 25 of the best beaches.


Sacramento is known as " The river city." The capital is located at the junction of two major rivers. The Sacramento river is the largest river in California and is economically important. It supplies plentiful water to most Central Valley farms. Activities such as fishing, rafting, and kayaking are great opportunities here also.


The 462 mile long Central Valley is positioned between Coastal Mountain ranges and Serra Nevada Mountains in the east.

The Cantral Valley is one of the seven most fertile valleys in the world. It is one of our biggest food resources. They produce over 360 products, including over 13 different fruits, vegetables, olives, and sweet rice.


Sacramento has hot mediterranean climate. It has damp, wet winters and mild hot summers. This is easy for swimming and other outdoor activities in the summer. There can be light rainfall in June or September.

Natural Reaources

The desert region has natural mineral such as boron which is used to make glass. Along the coast workers pump oil and natural gases near Santa Barbra and Long Beach.





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