Composition Techniques By sophie R.

The photo above, of seeds on a tree, shows the rule of thirds, a rule of composition of photography.

The photo of this tree shows the photo composition technique angles.

This photo shows repetition in the repeating red shapes that make up a table.

The photo above was taken with a field net framing the letter "G"

This photo has the photo composition technique "strong subject."

This photo uses the technique "leading lines."

This photo shows symmetry/patterns because of the repeating bricks, and if you divided the photo down the middle it would be practically identical on both sides.

This photo shows the composition technique texture because you can really tell that there are bumps on the wall.

This photo shows negative space by having the bottom corner of the sign towards the top of the photo, and the wall brings attention to it.

This photo shows selective focus because there is a stem closer to the camera and in focus whereas the stems in the background are not in focus.

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