Gun Violence In and Around South Carolina Blake Nalley, David heller, connor wolfe

Gun violence as a whole not only has its problems in South Carolina, but the nation as a whole.

Since guns started being mass produced and became more of a common object in homes and communities violence involving the weapons has also risen. Gun violence, being anything that causes negative effects directly related to those using the weapons, includes mainly public shootings. These cases have become more common in recent years in the United States and even more so in South Carolina.

Many studies recently, including the study from 2010 of which the image is derived, have proven that South Carolina has a higher rate of death than the US average. This is a statistic of which many are concerned.
The Charleston church shooting happened in June of 2015. A lone male entered proceeding to shoot and kill 9 people who were not armed and could not stop him.
This photo was taken at a protest right after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
The largest mass shooting on US soil to date took place in Orlando, FL at Pulse Night Club in June of 2016.

After all of these shootings many people have taken a stand behind the topic "Gun Control", or the restriction of gun ownership. The one thing that all of these violent examples have in common is that these three shootings happened in "Gun-Free Zones", a place where no one could help prevent or stop such acts from happening. This is a problem just as much as the shootings are.

Many people are becoming supporters of the "No Gun No Violence" movement, but are fewer guns the best way too stop a violent person with a gun?
The nation as a whole has been exposed to more violent acts involving guns than ever before. Such acts are creating a devastating and lasting negative outlook on guns and the good that they can do.

Gun Violence in the nation and in South Carolina is an issue and has been for a while. Many people assume that the fewer amount of guns in the hands of individuals is the best way to solve issues but rather it is the opposite. More guns in the hands of people who have the proper knowledge and training can help prevent more mass shootings and save many more lives than the opposing view.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states that it is the right of the people, not just military and other officers, to legally own and carry a weapon. The key word in this statement is "legally". Many people own and possess guns illegally and therefore violent acts occur.

With more people conceal carrying, and in some states open carrying, a weapon like those above, violent persons are less likely to open fire on innocent people. Also, if they choose to perform such an act more people can stop these shooters.

Permits to carry in most states require not only a background check and state/federal approval, but also a shooting test to display that the individual can safely operate his or her weapon. This decreases the chances to almost zero of someone legally owning a gun who cannot safely use the weapon.

More men and women who have the proper knowledge and training can and will save many lives. Also, decreasing gun free zones and allowing those who are legally carrying guns to be more involved adds an extra unseen aid in preventing violence and that aid is fear. The more that people are aware there are people with guns who can stop violence the less likely shootings will take place.

The United States of America is a place that most if not all of us have learned to love and appreciate more than anything else. Happiness, love, peace, and many more hidden attributes come with this land. Let us protect the things we love and the rights that we have by upholding the standards and taking advantage of what our Founding Fathers have given us. More legally carrying gun owners can and will protect our future in America!

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