Centrioles By: Powell Reynolds

What is a centriole?

its a minute cylindrical organelle near the nucleus in animal cells, occurring in pairs and involved in the development of spindle fibers in cell division

Why does the centriole have the folds it has?

The centriole has a 9 fold symmetry that still is a formation that is not fully understood and is open to questions in biology

Are centioles located in a specific place in cell?

The centrioles are located only in animal cells and are located right next to the nucleus

What is the main focus of a centriole?

Centioles have too main functions which is to help with cell division and second is celiogenesis, which is just the formation of flagella and ceilia on the cells surface

How does its structure allow for its function?

The tube like structure helps with for example chromosomes to get from one pole to another during cell division

What part of BCIT does this organelle represent?

My organelle represents the teacher essential making groups for a project or classwork since centrioles help other cells divide and duplicate


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