Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War By: beatrice knepp

My topic is the Stamp act of 1765, because all paper products got taxed my King George III. Both the colonists and the British were involved, but the colonists were treated unfairly, because the King put taxes on things that the colonists bought on a daily basis.

The Stamp Act of 1765 placed taxes on any written articles on paper. This included newspapers, wills, licenses, deeds and pamphlets. The Stamp Actwas made to be used to help pay the costs of defending and protecting the American Frontier. (10,000 troops were to be stationed on the American Frontier for this purpose) The colonists who did not pay the taxes were violated and could be prosecuted by the British Empire, so the colonists felt they were treated unfairly, because the paper products that they bought daily costed more. After many months of protest, the British House of Parliaments voted to repeal the Stamp Act. After that, the colonists were freed from paying taxes. Therefore, the colonists were no longer frustrated or outraged as they were before.

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