ARABIAN NIGHTS Dazzled by the golden sand

There was a time when the Arabian peninsula was the centre of the world's culture, power, economy and education. Things have not changed totally since the fall of Ottoman Empire ; may be its not today the centre of education for world but still it's at least the centre of attraction.

Simply Arab!

According to Islamic history; it was the Arabian peninsula and more significantly the land of Holy city of Makkah first ever to emerge out of ocean, making it the oldest land on earth.

A pearl out from the ocean.

Many dynasties have ruled this golden land from early Greeks to medieval Ottomans and to current rulers. The faces of monarchs changed but one thing remained the same their preferences and attraction towards this land.

Ottoman Empire.

The main attraction of this land is its holy sites and endless deserts possessing golden grandeur.

Its really not all about parched areas filled with aura of holiness but look down you might come to see U.A.E. significantly Dubai.

Burj khalifa

As I am a civil engineer and author of this story therefore I would like to take you to the deeply buried piles forests to high flying elevations of Dubai. It's truly a SHINING PEARL amidst the GOLDEN SAND.

Whole Arabian peninsula's building construction is based on a forest of deep foundation piles.

A pile of piles.

And at last but not the least the delicious and scrumptious Arabian delicacies. Arabian cuisine is all about meat what they call KEBABS.

End of the story but not the end of joy from Dazzling Arabian Nights.

Created By
Uzair Ahsan Warsi

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