Cowboy Action Shoot 14 april, 2019

A rowdy gang of desperadoes gathered at SRGC on Sunday, April 14 for a shootout.

Dressed in period duds and shooting period rifles, pistols and shotguns, they promptly dispatched the villainous targets.

Beaver Trapper about to mete out justice.
Waiting for the timer.
Bonnie Dee in action.
Leadslinger Leskey gets around.
Up and coming young cowboy, Red Wrangler
Boston Maverick draws a bead on a target.
The accoutrements of Cowboy Action Shooting.
The family that shoots together… Mrs. Boston Maverick (L), Georgia Peach (C), Boston Maverick (R)
Reigning National Senior Duelist Champion, Grazer (L) and Eastern Tenderfoot (R) telling tall tales.
Mad Dog Gomes in action.
Ya don't mess with Leadslinger Lesky.
Created By
Richard Martin

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