Popular kids👑 By Colby westleigh

Popular kids- Usually characterized by overall wealth, fashionable style confidence and stuck up.

What we expect Popular kids to....

Be well dressed, snobby/mean, act like they're better than everyone else. We also hear popular kids and we automatically think they're only popular because their family has lots of money and that they're always the really pretty ones who get picked got everything but we also stereotype them as rude/judgemental.

Advantages of being popular...

You always have friends, you have a higher chance at getting a boyfriend/girlfriend,you learn to be comfortable around lots of people and you don't ever get picked on.

Disadvantages of being popular....

More drama,never can find alone time,generally pick up bad habits and you have tendency to become shallow.

I feel like some people would be offended if you label them as the "popular kids" because we always say rude things about them. But being a popular kid is definitely considered desirable because everyone wants to be "cool" and have lots of friends, popular kids is higher on the social ladder for sure.

" when ever I hear popular kids I think unintelligent, preppy, always saying that's so funny when the jokes aren't funny"

" I think popular kids are annoying "

"When I hear popular kids I think of snobby people"

"When I hear popular kids I think they act like they're superior and they always have to wear top brands"

" when I hear popular kids I think they're rude and they think they're better than everyone"

I would put my self under the dancer category.

Dancer, A very hard working athlete usually talented and dedicated to the art of body movement not "party dancing" or a stripper, but educated in areas of ballet,hip hop,jazz,tap etc.

Being up under the dancer category doesn't bother me one bit because I'm proud to be a dancer. People don't understand how much it takes to actually dance, yes we may make it look easy but really it's not we work hours and hours each day just to accomplish the tiniest things so we can get better, I think we can call dancers bada**. I'm proud of how much time and effort I put into dance cause it's away I can express my feelings without saying a word, dancing brings me to a different world where I can forget about anything bad going on and I love that.

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