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Pax is a short story about a boy named Peter that had to lose his fox because his dad had to go to war. In the journey of finding each other again Peter and Pax meet new people and go through some struggles.
"People should tell the truth about what war costs." Page 130. According to the text, Vola said this on page 130 and it means that people don't realize that war has so many costs to themselves and their families. This shows that Vola is an anti-war person and she thinks that everyone should think about what they would have to lose because of war before they decide to get involved in it. She also thinks that people that were in the war before should tell the truth to others about the costs of war, so they will think about it twice before finalizing it. In the text it states, that Vola had lost her leg and her true self in the war. This helped develop the theme because when Vola said this it made the readers think about how the unintended costs of war don't affect just one person they affect a lot of people, and people don't realize that because they made a decision to go to war it has unintended causes that affect other things too.

Theme: The unintended consequences of war can greatly impact humans, animals and the environment.

For example, Vola who was a character in the book Pax, had to kill somebody because of the war. Also, Vola had to lose her leg and her true self from the war. In the text it states, that Vola has been walking around with a carved wooden leg because she has lost her leg in the war. Also, it states that after the war Vola had PTSD, which is when stress causes your brain to function differently and forget things. According to the text, Vola had forgotten her true self (all her interests, favorite foods, etc.). It took her a long time until she built herself again. One time in a grocery shop she sat on the floor and tried to remember if she likes that and if she should buy it. This illustrates that doesn't only have physical costs (losing a leg, losing a family member, etc.) it also has mental costs (PTSD, losing your true self, etc.). Vola helps build the theme because all her costs from war were unintended, but they happened anyway, and it affected her a lot.
Also Peter, who is one of the main characters of Pax, had to lose his fox because his dad had to go to war. According to the text Peter, had to lose Pax because his dad had to go to war and he couldn't take Pax to his grandfather's House. He had fought about it with his dad and because his dad was so angry that he kept on disagreeing with him, he almost punched Peter. This shows that because of war this innocent child had to give up their pet even if it wasn't really his choice. His father and everyone else thought that this war would help their country get everything they want, but they didn't think of what they would have to lose because of the war. Peter helps build the theme because he leaves Pax and he breaks his leg because of the war and it's an unintended cost because he didn't want it to happen, but it happened anyway, and it really affected him.
Pax, who is one of the main characters of Pax had to lose his human family because of the war. According to the text, Peter had to leave Pax in the woods because war was coming. Pax had lost his human family and he didn't know how to survive in the woods because he was not a wild fox. This shows, that because of war Pax's life was in risk because he didn't know how to survive in the woods. Pax was an innocent fox that was in danger because of a war. In the text it states that Pax was very scared to be without his boy because he had lived with him for such a long time that it was hard for him to be apart from his boy. He wanted to go back to his humans because he was scared and he didn't know how to survive. He was also not used to being away from his boy because they were together all the time. This illustrates that because of the war Pax had to be apart from his boy and he had to risk himself even when it wasn't his choice to be left in the wild. This character helped build the theme because when he got left in the wild it wasn't planned at all, and it really affected Pax.

“Kill or be killed -that’s the contract in war” (148). This shows that war is very aggressive and violent because if you don't kill someone then you have to be killed. According to the text, when Vola said this on page 148 it shows that she thinks that you have a cost either way in the war and it can really impact you even if it's not part of your plan. The costs are that if you kill you feel bad and it makes you feel terrible that you just took away someone's life, but if you get killed you realize that you had just lost your life because of war. This illustrates that war can definitely affect you a lot even if it's not planned. This quote helped build the theme because it talks about how both ways war can have unintended causes.

One symbol that represents this theme is the toy soldier. The toy soldier represents war. In the text it states, that the toy soldier represented how Peter's father and grandfather liked war and thought that it helped, but along the story they realized war is not a good thing. The toy soldier represents Peter's grandfather and father because they like war and they are both the reasons why Peter and Pax had to suffer from the costs of the war. Peter's father and grandfather don't realize that war is not a good thing and the costs of war don't affect them they affect poor innocent people that didn't have a choice, but to lose something from the war. This builds the theme because the theme is that war has unintended causes and the soldier represents how the grandfather and the father cause Peter and Pax to have unintended causes.

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