Reception Newsletter Autumn 2 - Issue 2, Monday 15 November 2021


We will start our Friendship week with an Odd Socks Day. This is designed to be fun and is an opportunity to encourage pupils to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique! During our key person time throughout the week, we will reflect on what makes a good friend and talk about different friendship scenarios. We will learn the song “Who wants a friend like Snorty Bull?” and generate a bank of kind words which we could say to our friends. We will share the story Superworm (by Julia Donaldson) who is long and strong, and a real hero as far as all of his insect friends are concerned. He always comes to the rescue when there is trouble.

This week in Phonics we will be revising and consolidating Set 2 letters –i, n, m, d and the tricky word I. We will practise these sounds daily and play lots of games to ensure we can quickly recognise and say each sound. We will use our blending skills to read words containing these sounds and also learn how to form each of these letters correctly. Pupils will be encouraged to practise these letters in a variety of media e.g. glitter, shaving foam, flour, as well as with pencils.

Our focused text this week, Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett, is about a little squirrel called Pip who lives in a large oak tree. We will share this story, explore new vocabulary, talk about the characters and where the story is set. In Literacy we will draw a picture of the main character Pip and use our phonic knowledge to write his name or a sentence. We will also continue to practise writing our first names.

As part of our topic we will learn some interesting facts about squirrels. We will put our creative skills to use by creating our own squirrels. We will sort and classify autumn leaves into oak / not oak, and generate our own criteria for sorting leaves.

Our focus in Maths this week is number 5. We will be exploring different ways to represent number 5 and the composition of 5. We will also learn how to form this numeral.

Please remember Friday 19 November is Children in Need Day and pupils may come to school either dressed in yellow and/or spotty clothes for Pudsey. Donations for Children in Need can be made via School Money – any time from today onwards.

School Lunches

Please see below a copy of our school lunch menu. This week (week commencing 15.11.21) will be Menu 1.

Please note menus are subject to change. A file is kept onsite of all ingredients used in the production of our food. This is to comply with the regulations regarding allergens. If your child has an allergy and you would like to see this file, please contact the main office.


There will be another parental drop-in session on Thursday 25 November 2021, 3.15-3.45pm. This session is held straight after school and is very informal. The Reception staff are available should you wish to come and say hello, have a chat about your child or just look around the classroom.

Have a lovely week.

The EYFS Team


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