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Written by:Nina Courtney

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is unlike what typically comes to mind when one thinks of yoga. Typically when we think of yoga we think of heat building movement and shifting from standing to other postures, active movement.

Restorative yoga is a active practice of relaxation, in a restorative yoga class you can expect 3-6 postures in a reclined,cozy spot on top of blankets and large bolster pillows. The atmosphere in a restorative yoga class is centered around a calm, cozy space where relaxation,reflection and healing can occour

Restorative Yoga Props

Restorative yoga gives you the gift of internal peace, by actively choosing to be still,calm and create mindful breath. In our modern day world it seems we are over stimulated , we do to much and we dont give ourselves the proper amount of time and space to fully embrace relaxation.

Making time to really fully breath, clearing the mind and allowing yourself to just enjoy doing nothing and embrace just being is a gift that is worth giving to yourself.


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