Vanadium Caitlin COrder

The symbol for Vanadium is V.

the Atomic number is 23. it has 23 protons, 28 neutrons, and 23 electrons.

Vanadium's atomic mass is 50.9415. It is also a solid.

Andrés Manuel del Río discovered Vanadium.

Andrés discovered Vanadium in 1801 New Spain (Mexico).

Vanadium is used in jet engines and for high speed aircraft. It is also used with steel and iron. Vanadium metal, sheet, strip, foil, bar, wire, and tubing have found use in high-temperature service, in the chemical industry, and in bonding other metals.

the word vanadium comes from the Scandinavian goddess Vanadis.

It is naturally found in shellfish, mushrooms, parsley, dill weed, wine and grain.

98% of the world's vanadium is mined in three counties: South Africa, China, and Russia.

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