County Highway 33 (Everton Avenue) Online Open House Monday, June 22 – Friday, July 10 2020

Welcome to the County Highway 33 (Everton Avenue) Online Open house

Project Area

The project area is located on County Highway 33 (Everton Avenue) between County Highway 32 (220th Street North) and County Highway 2 (Broadway Avenue) in the City of Forest Lake. The project will also include pavement rehabilitation along County Highway 2 (Broadway Avenue) between Washington County Line (Lyons St) and 19th Street.

Project Goals


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this project affect access to my business or property?

Improving safety along the corridor is a goal of the project and evaluating the location and spacing of access points is a key consideration of a safety analysis. The County understands the importance of providing safe and functional access to properties along the corridor. If potential changes to access points are identified, the County will contact property owners directly to review the design and discuss concerns.

Will roads remain open during construction?

Access to businesses and residences immediately adjacent to the roadway will be maintained throughout the project. However, there may be intermittent closures and/or access from one direction only. A pre-construction open house meeting will be held once additional details are known and prior to the start of construction.

Will the design account for additional traffic from proposed developments in the area?

Yes, all design concepts will account for any anticipated traffic from future developments.

Will Washington County need to acquire private property for additional road right of way?

The county will likely need to acquire permanent and temporary easements as a part of this project. As properties are identified where land acquisition may be needed, County staff will contact the owners to begin discussions about the project and its impacts. Any property owners with questions are encouraged to contact the County Project Manager. Once preliminary design is complete and land acquisition needs are confirmed, all impacted property owners will be contacted by the Washington County Property Acquisition Manager to discuss the process moving forward.

What is the process if the county needs to acquire private property?

In cases where acquiring private property beyond the existing right of way is required, the county will go through the its standard process for property acquisition. The county will contact impacted property owners to review existing property conditions. An independent appraiser will be hired to determine the value of the property. The county will make an offer to purchase the necessary easements for the amount determined in the appraisal.

Will the speed limit change?

At this point, the County does not expect the speed limit to change. Speed limits are determined by Minnesota state laws and the state Commissioner of Transportation, not by city or county officials. Drivers choose speeds based on their available sightlines and abilities to react to potential hazards. Posting a higher or lower speed limit has not been shown to significantly affect prevailing speeds. Changes or improvements to infrastructure have been shown to have a greater impact on safety and will be studied for the corridor to improve safety for all corridor users. It is standard Washington County practice to request a new speed study after any major project is complete to ensure that the posted speed limit is appropriate for the new conditions.

We Want Your Feedback

To help gather feedback, we are looking for your participation in a survey. This survey can be completed by clicking on the button below. We are asking for responses to the survey by July 10, 2020.

A public comment map has also been created to give you an opportunity to share your comments on specific places within the project area. In addition to adding your comments, if you see someone else’s comment and agree with it, please indicate by liking it, or adding a reply to that comment if you have more to add. Click on the button below to access the map.

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Project Manager: Morgan Abbott (651-430-4359)