We all need that one person... that helps you go from point A to point B

We take each issue you might have:

we wash it, dry it, iron it, fold it to perfection and find an amazing gift box to put it in and then send it off into the universe...

we offer expertise in getting your idea for a story into a book from start to finish and everything in between... whether you are an author or a coach... you need us!

our team comprises of: book editors, pitch writers, creating press releases, Post creations for SM, book covers, landing pages, websites, creating logo's, creating concepts and of course pure writing.

anything else you need, go to your psychic!

You are not alone...

we won't let you drown...

with nurture and care we can all grow...

we are here...

to give you a hand!

If you are … tired of wasting time with contractors, freelancers, and businesses that promise a lot but consistently fail to deliver on what your needs are... sick of spending money on services that disappoint... desperate for advice regarding what you really should be spending your money on and where you can afford to save... happy for an effective push toward getting your concept out into the big world from someone who has been exactly where you are right now... Then hesitate no more!

Our prices vary depending on your specific needs, we range from $2,500 - $3,900

Get personally introduced by Gabriella van Rij to her industry specialists. In case you have any doubt left... Just know she has just self-published her 4th book and done many book tours, is a public speaker and has been seen by millions on Dr. Phil, CBS, NBC, ABC, HLN and FOX, she is also the founder of the Dare to be Kind Movement.


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