Journal Entry 1

• Client

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations charity that provides humanitarian and developmental aid to children and mothers in developing countries. Their aim is to improve the lives and give children rights who are disadvantaged in developing countries. They get voluntary donations from individuals, businesses and governments.

Their communication need is that they want to encourage people to support and donate to their charity that helps unfortunate and poor children to help provide for them with basic necessities of life.

• Audience

The target audience for this design are everyday people so it ranges from ages 12 – 50+; male or female. This is because it is a charity does not target a specific audience to ask for donations from but from every day people who wish to help children. Hence, this design has to be appropriate for all ages and suit the image of the client.

• Purpose

The purpose of this communication is for promotional reasons; the cover will be used on the diaries the charity provides to the donators or for their personal use. It will represent their company and their goal and maybe even inspire people to donate to the charity.

• Context

The visual communication will be used on a diary cover that people would use in their everyday lives, therefore it should be suitable for everyone.

• Constraints

The constraints would include time, size; the design must fit a diary cover, CMYK colours must be used and the image should be 300dpi. Also, because the diary will be distributed all around the world, it must not contain any culturally offensive images or connotations.

• products

The direct competition for the client would be other charity organisations that help children, such as ‘Save The Children’ and ‘World Vision’. All these charities have merchandise that they give out to help promote them and encourage people to donate more to them. The visual communication for the client should be more effective than the competing charities current designs.



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Journal Entry 2

Idea Generation

Mood Board

This is my mood board, it includes all the things I have taken inspiration from for my diary cover design and what type of design I would like my cover to have.

My charity is UNICEF, which is a children's charity, so my aim is to make it child centered hence I will use crayon like effects on the cover and have illustrations of children. The color for my diary cover will be blue as it is the color of UNICEF and the illustrations will have colors such as red and yellow as they are bright and can be associated with children.

These are some of the drafts for my diary design. I started my idea generation process by hand drawing possible ideas that I will refine.

This design is the draft of the final design solution for the diary cover. The design will include a colorful illustration of children climbing onto a mountain and are dressed in different work uniforms such as nurse, traveler, chef, scientist etc., holding a flag of UNICEF. This is to suggest how UNICEF helps children achieve their dreams and help them in having a good life. The elements I will be using in this design are color, shape and tone in the illustration to give it a cartoon effect to appeal to people as a children's charity.

Concept development and Refinement

To refine my draft even further, I put all these images together to show what my final design will look like. I tried putting hand prints in the background that represent a child's hand and I have also tried to use children's drawings as the background. From getting feedback I realized it was better to have hand prints in the background otherwise the design will be too busy with illustrations. I want to give this design a childlike ambiance to show it is a children's charity, hence I want to include a crayon like texture or effect to achieve this goal. I also plan on coloring the font to further enhance the crayon effect.

Once this design is completed it will send the message of UNICEF and the work they do for children around the world. The child like elements in this design such as drawings, bright colors, hand prints etc. will indicate that the organization is a children's charity.

Final refinements of this design will include things such as a digitally drawn and colored in illustration for the circle in the middle and the placement and alignment of the hand prints. Also, the color and size of the text.

All in all the final design should meet the purpose of the design brief once it goes through an editing process to make it more professional and worthy of being a diary cover.

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