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Now that you're joining our team, we've put together this information pack to help you get to know us.

We'll go over our employee benefits and some of the other things we do to recognise and reward our team. We'll also give you some insights into SKYCITY's role as responsible host and contributor to the local community.

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About us

SKYCITY Entertainment Group

Did you know that SKYCITY Auckland is one of five businesses owned by SKYCITY Entertainment Group? Our other businesses are located in Adelaide, Darwin, Hamilton and Queenstown.

Across New Zealand and Australia, we own and operate a total of six casinos, three luxury hotels, over 50 restaurants and bars, two convention and event centres, and a range of great attractions including Auckland's iconic Sky Tower. And we're about to get even bigger with major developments underway in Auckland (the New Zealand International Convention Centre and an additional five-star hotel) and Adelaide (South Australia's first six-star hotel and new river-front restaurants).

SKYCITY Auckland

Spanning three central city blocks, our Auckland property is home to New Zealand's largest casino and convention centre, 20 bars and restaurants, two luxury hotels, public car parking facilities and the iconic Sky Tower.

We want all our employees to find their winning career and, with over 3,500 people working across more than 200 different job types, we think there's a career option for just about everyone.

With over 70 different cultures working under one roof, we're incredibly proud to have a diverse team, from different backgrounds, who reflect our range of customers. We celebrate this diversity and encourage everyone to be themselves when at work. One of the ways we signal our inclusive culture is our 'Rainbow Tick' certification, which recognises the safe and welcoming environment we create for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takataapui, intersex and fa'afafine (LGBTTIF) community.

SKYCITY's mission, vision and values

Our mission is to thrill, excite and make everyone feel like a winner, and our vision is to deliver world class casino entertainment.

We achieve both our mission and our vision by living SKYCITY's five 'Let's Play' values. To inspire us all to put these values into play, we recognise and reward those people who get out there and show us how it’s done.

Giving back to the community

Since 1996, we've proudly distributed over NZ$46.4 million to more than 4,150 community groups and organisations, large and small, through our three Community Trusts in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown.

Established to provide funds for community and charitable purposes, the SKYCITY Community Trusts are one of the vehicles we use to ‘put something back’ into the local community.

The independent Trusts aim to help local and regional organisations carry out community assistance and development work, focusing on supporting families to thrive and communities to prosper.

Supporting and celebrating our team

SKYCITY Auckland has a range of programmes and initiatives that help ensure our team feel safe, engaged, recognised and rewarded in the work place.


We know that employees who are happy at home AND at work are much more likely to provide great experiences for our guests. So, for any employee experiencing difficulty in their professional or personal lives, our award-winning Connect team are there to help. Whether it's budgeting and careers advice, helping to resolve work place issues, or referrals to EAP or external agencies, our Employee Support Advisors provide free, impartial, confidential advice and support.

'Quest for the Best'

'Quest for the Best' is SKYCITY's reward and recognition programme designed to celebrate those employees who demonstrate our 'Let's Play' values by going beyond the call of duty to provide great outcomes for our customers and colleagues. Recipients are nominated by their peers or managers and we encourage family members to come along to our ceremonies to help us celebrate.

'Play Well'

'Play Well' is our wellness programme which takes a holistic approach to the well being of our people by covering physical, nutritional, mindful and social well-being. We run a series of fun events and initiatives year-round that cover things such as sports, cultural events, fundraising, health awareness and much more.

Social Club

For $1 a week, the Social Club provides opportunities for members to meet other employees at a range of discounted and subsidised sports and social activities. Applications forms can be found at the Social Club notice board on 24-7 Avenue.

Employee benefits

Along with lots of career development opportunities, our Auckland employees enjoy a range a great benefits...

Car parking

Employee car parking is available from $4.50 to $8 per day depending on your rate of pay.


Enjoy hot meals and salads from just $2.50 per serving as well as a range of snacks and beverages from our employee cafe.


Our in-house Wardrobe team will launder your work uniform fresh each day, free of charge. They also offer dry-cleaning services for personal use at a fraction of retail prices.

Heath insurance

Southern Cross RegularCare is provided to permanent, full-time employees at no cost. Discounted rates available for part-time and casual employees. Employees on work visas may not be eligible. Contact Southern Cross on 0800-001-173 to enrol.

Life insurance

Permanent employees receive life insurance and funeral cover at no cost, with $15,000 cover in the event of your death or terminal illness. For those with dependent children, there is also $3,500 of cover in the unfortunate event of their death (or NZD$2,000 if under 10 years of age). Read the SKYCITY Intranet for details.


We offer a range of free in-house learning and development programmes to employees, focused on both professional and personal development.


  • Free entry to Sky Tower for you and one other person during opening hours with a 15% discount at the Sky Tower gift shop.
  • Discounts at SKYCITY Hotel and SKYCITY Grand Hotel. Visit the SKYCITY Intranet for the latest rates.
  • 10% discount at SKYCITY restaurants off the total bill.
  • Discounted SkyJump and SkyWalk - Employees pay just $85 for each activity while friends and family receive $20 off the regular retail prices.
  • 25% discount at East Day Spa on all treatments (Monday to Thursday only).

... and much more!

Visit the SKYCITY Intranet for more great benefits and discounts.

SKYCITY's code of business practice

Our Code of Business Practice is intended to reinforce our commitment to the community, our employees and shareholders. It also includes the standards of behaviour that the community can expect from us. Please take some time to read our Code and speak with your manager if you have any questions.

1. General

1.1 As part of our vision to create fun and entertainment and our mission to be the most popular entertainment and leisure destination in the cities in which we operate, SKYCITY recognises its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. This Code of Business Practice is intended to reinforce our commitment to the community, including our employees and shareholders. The Code sets out many of the business practices already followed by the SKYCITY Entertainment Group. It includes the standards of behaviour that the community can expect from us.

1.2 At all times we expect our directors, employees and contractors to practice high ethical standards in the performance of their duties, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, co-operate with regulatory bodies and government agencies, and use SKYCITY’s assets and resources only for the legitimate and ethical achievement of SKYCITY’s business objectives.

2. Purpose and Intent

The purpose and intent of this Code of Business Practice is to guide directors, employees, contractors and representatives of SKYCITY so that their business conduct is consistent with SKYCITY’s business standards, and to improve the understanding of our business standards by our customers, our staff, our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

3. Business Practices

3.1 Compliance with Laws: We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and legal requirements, and at all times comply with the terms of our casino premises and casino operator’s licences.

SKYCITY co-operates with regulatory bodies and government agencies in all matters, including their investigations of our compliance with our legal obligations.

The company co-operates at all times with Police and regulatory agencies in respect of illegal or criminal behaviour or activity and also in terms of undesirable or inappropriate behaviour or activity, including but not limited to loan sharking and money laundering. The company adopts a proactive approach and will move to exclude patrons associated with such activities. Some activities are noted as not necessarily illegal or unlawful but if deemed undesirable or inappropriate in the casino context, appropriate response and preventative actions will nevertheless be initiated on a timely basis.

3.2 Honesty and Fairness: We deal with all customers and employees in an open, honest and fair manner. We respond promptly to all customer or employee complaints or issues and co-operate with all relevant regulatory bodies in investigating any of those issues.

3.3 Human Rights: SKYCITY has adopted and follows policies and business practices that provide fair and equal opportunities to all employees and customers.

We have adopted and follow human resource policies that respect the rights and individual differences of all employees and customers. SKYCITY does not discriminate against any person on the basis of one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination set out in the Human Rights Act or any other legislation. We do not accept any form of harassment by, or of, employees or customers.

3.4 Health & Safety: We provide a safe environment in which our customers can enjoy themselves and our employees can carry out their responsibilities. We seek to ensure our facilities are operated and maintained to the highest standard. We operate an appropriate hazard identification and management programme, and we will ensure our employees must observe and practice safe work methods.

3.5 Privacy and Confidentiality: SKYCITY respects the privacy of its employees, customers and their guests and the confidentiality of all information they give to us. We provide training to our employees on the principles of the Privacy Act and have implemented a Privacy Act compliance programme.

We make every effort to prevent disclosure of confidential information we receive from other people as part of our business.

Company employees must sign and be bound by a Confidentiality Agreement which contracts them, as a term of their employment with the company, to at all times protect the company’s commercial and confidential information and not to disclose commercially sensitive company information to external persons.

3.6 Insider Trading: No director or employee (or former director or employee) of the company who has non-public information which could affect the price of the company’s securities may buy or sell SKYCITY shares or other SKYCITY voting securities. Directors and employees must at all times comply with the company’s Insider Trading policy. No director or employee with such non-public price-sensitive information may recommend or suggest other persons buy or sell our securities.

3.7 Conflicts of Interest: SKYCITY expects its directors and employees to avoid conflicts of interest in their decisions and to avoid any direct or indirect interest, investment, association, or relationship which is likely to, or appears to, interfere with the exercise of their independent judgement.

3.8 Bribes and Favours: We will not seek to gain an advantage through the improper use of business courtesies or other inducements. SKYCITY does not offer, give, solicit or accept any form of bribe including substantial or excessive gifts, entertainment or favours. Except for normal complimentaries and entertainment for customers and key suppliers, directors and employees do not offer or make gifts or extend favours either directly or indirectly to those with whom we do business or might have a business relationship in the future.

Directors and employees may not accept any commission or personal profit or rebate for any business arrangement involving SKYCITY. No director, employee or a member of their immediate family may accept gifts, entertainment or other favours where acceptance could be seen to influence a business decision. This does not apply to complimentaries, entertainment and hospitality activities which are normal in a business context.

3.9 Competition: We only use legitimate resources, enquiries and business practices while collecting data on and competing with our competitors, and we do not act in a way that is illegal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate.

3.10 Promotion and Advertising: SKYCITY does not promote or market itself in a way that will mislead or deceive customers. All statements we make about the goods and services we provide must be accurate and complete. Our advertising and promotions must comply with applicable advertising standards and legislation.

SKYCITY promotes the range of entertainment experiences available at its sites, including gaming activities, in a responsible manner. We do not market our gaming activities to those who are under the legal age for entry to a casino.

3.11 Community Contributions: SKYCITY plays a positive role in the community by assisting and contributing to community organisations and community projects.

3.12 Problem Gambling: We do not endorse or encourage gambling by those who show signs of having a gambling problem. SKYCITY promotes the availability of assistance and treatment from service providers in the community to its customers. We proactively assist persons who request help to obtain counselling and treatment for problem gambling, and encourage such persons to use the self-barring programme. We actively support the prevention and treatment of problem gambling in association with service providers in the community.

SKYCITY ensures its employees are trained in the identification of, and provision of assistance to, customers with gambling problems.

3.13 Service of Alcohol: We promote the consumption of alcohol in a socially appropriate manner. In this regard, SKYCITY discourages the excessive consumption of alcohol and will ensure its staff are trained to encourage customers not to consume alcohol to excess and not to drink and drive. We will use our best endeavours to prevent under-aged customers consuming alcohol on our premises and ensure our staff are trained to deal with under-aged customers.

4. Written Policies

SKYCITY may from time to time institute written policies and authorities that support this Code of Business Practice and provide directors, employees and contractors with guidance on the conduct required to comply with this Code.

5. Clarification

SKYCITY expects its directors, employees and contractors to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of this Code of Business Practice.

6. Compliance and Monitoring

6.1 Compliance with this Code of Business Practice is monitored through education and notification by individuals who become aware of any breach.

6.2 Any SKYCITY director or employee who becomes aware of any breach of this Code of Business Practice, or the policies and authorities that support this Code of Business Practice, has a responsibility to report that breach to the Company Secretary (in the case of directors) or his/her manager (in the case of employees).

6.3 Any person who is found to be in breach of this Code of Business Practice, or the policies and authorities that support this Code of Business Practice, will face disciplinary action in accordance with SKYCITY’s disciplinary procedures.

6.4 SKYCITY also has internal procedures in place whereby fraudulent activities are investigated by Security & Surveillance and reported to the Internal Audit and Risk team. Details of such activities are entered in the Internal Audit and Risk’s Fraud Register and, where appropriate, are reported to the Audit and Risk Committee.

SKYCITY's role as a responsible host

We recognise that alcohol and gambling can be associated with harm for some of our customers. We take our role as a responsible host seriously and have an important part to play in preventing and minimising alcohol and gambling-related harm for our customers.

SKYCITY's Host Responsibility Programme (HRP) plays an important role in achieving our vision, by helping to create a safe, enjoyable environment for all customers. The HRP was developed in conjunction with international researchers, local problem gambling treatment services and has been approved by the Gambling Commission.

As mentioned, you'll receive an email from our Learning & Development team asking you to complete an online compliance module relating to our HRP. Please complete this module before you start work with us.

As an employee, you are not allowed to gamble at any SKYCITY venue in New Zealand or Australia. Within your first few days on the job, please read the Human Resources Policy 'Gambling Restrictions' which is available on the SKYCITY Intranet. If you're unclear of your Host Responsibility obligations, please speak with your manager, or a member of the Connect, Employee Relations or Host Responsibility teams.

That's all for now...

We'll be in touch again soon with more information to get you prepared for your first few days with us.

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